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Weekly Standard: The Koch Brothers Are Innocent Victims of Liberal Hate

The Weekly Standard, that fair and balanced website, has written an embarrassing love letter to the Koch brothers.  It’s a bit lopsided so I took the liberty of pointing out some of the more…glaring issues with it. About the now-infamous prank call to Gov. Walker: Anger washed over David like […]

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The Fires Of Ignorance

If Republicans have their way, education funding will be cut down to a bare minimum in their effort to trim a budget that they inflated by their wars. But instead of trimming a tremendous amount of defense spending, they have chosen to focus on destroying education.

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No One Listens to the President

Tonight, when the President speaks to the nation about Libya, let’s do something different.

Let’s listen.

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Other Official State Items We Need in Arizona

Other Official State Items We Need in Arizona

Arizona Now has a state gun. It’s the Colt Single Action Army Revolver the state firearm. While that’s a great historic firearm, it’s tame next to today’s standards.(link) What we really need for the state gun is the Pfeifer .600 Nitro Express Magnum. (Learn more here) Not only is this gun […]

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The Fools on the Hill

For the record, yes, the Constitution specifically gives Congress the power to declare war, but it also gives the President, as Commander-in-Chief, to make war; and the last declared war we fought, involving Congress’s declaration, was World War II

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Oliver North mad at Obama for sidestepping Congress. No, seriously.

Oliver North, a convicted felon stemming from the Iran-Contra affair. You know, the one where President Reagan “forgot” to mention he was breaking the law by going against the Congress’ explicit directions?

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Bryan Fischer: Muslims not protected by the 1st Amendment!

On his radio show, Bryan Fischer said that the 1st Amendment was only meant for Christians, not Muslims. Fischer is known for his outrageous remarks regarding religion.

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New Law; Mandatory Ultrasounds to Get an Abortion

Many states now require or offer an ultrasound of the unborn child before an abortion is performed.

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In the UK, Wales has the highest proportion of religiously "non-affiliated" Image from BBC

Is Religion Becoming Extinct?

In a recent study, a trend has emerged in religious identity in the world. It’s shrinking. Overall self-identification with a religion has gone down in nations who’s census data reflect religious affiliation.

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Big Business Loopholes and Bipartisanship

Big Business Loopholes and Bipartisanship

This is something you might not want to hear. If you don’t think you can keep an open-mind for about thirty seconds while I explain my position, you should probably be a conservative. I’m not suggesting anything drastic, just a partial ceasefire.

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Newt Gingrich Would Only Enforce No-Fly Zone If Obama Wouldn’t

Gingrich says if he were Obama he would enforce a no-fly zone. Once Obama enforced the no-fly zone Gingrich criticized Obama for it, and said he wouldn’t have done that.

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Michele Bachmann’s Lies About Her History– Is She Hiding In Plain Sight?

Michele Bachmann’s Lies About Her History– Is She Hiding In Plain Sight?

Since she is a public employee, the public has the RIGHT to know. Who is Michele Bachmann really? This is a strange woman hiding in plain sight. Why is the media or even journalists not taking this information and running with it?

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Donald Trump Admits To Being A ‘Birther’

This morning on ‘The View’, Donald Trump was asked whether or not he believes Obama was born in this country. Instead of answering the question Trump insisted that Obama needs to show his birth certificate, then said that ‘there is something on that birth certificate he doesn’t want to show’.

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U.S. Presidents Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush and Richard Nixon at the dedication of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. Image from Wikipedia.

Should The Democrats Challenge Obama In The Primaries?

After having spent the first two years of the Obama Administration, nit-picking, finding fault, gratuitously criticizing, and, when all else failed, inventing reasons to despair of the Democratic President, in the run-in to another general election, various people, pundits and politicians are still calling for this President to be primaried.

To: GOP  – Should I claim rape?

To: GOP – Should I claim rape?

The GOP has decided not to figure out how to make the economy stable by getting the GDP up, which creates more products coming into the country than going out. Oh no, they have focused on redefining rape and cutting education.

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To The Shores Of Tripoli

From Egypt to Tunisia to Bahrain and Yemen. All across the Middle East, people are rising up and are demanding democracy and freedom for themselves and for future generations.

Michele Bachmann – Woman of Mystery

Michele Bachmann – Woman of Mystery

Even though Michele Bachmann has become this shiny ‘rock star’ of the tea party movement, she remains this kind of elusive, mysterious woman when you think about it. Sure, we can read her bio on her website or even on Wikipedia, but what does it say really?

Utah Now Has An Official State Firearm: The Browning M1911

Utah Now Has An Official State Firearm: The Browning M1911

Coming not long after the tragedy in Tucson, this new state firearm has garnered quite a bit of criticism, and is seen as somewhat inappropriate and unnecessary.

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Victory for immigration rights. In ARIZONA?

Arizona is taking the side of immigrants for once, and Utah too!?

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Obama’s Trip To Brazil; New fodder for birthers, or an employment contigency plan?

Obama’s Trip To Brazil; New fodder for birthers, or an employment contigency plan?

Seems that the people of Brazil are enthralled with our president. Some of them even think he looks more Brazilian than not. This could go one of two ways:

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