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Sarah Palin Proves She Doesn’t Understand The Budget Debate

Sarah Palin released a note on facebook today that makes it clear she doesn’t understand the issues surrounding the budget debate. She states, incorrectly, that she believes the bulk of the budget debate is regarding cuts to NPR, and that Obama doesn’t care about funding our military.

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Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus

Wisconsin County Clerk Suspected Of Election Fraud

Wisconsin- In what many are seeing as a sign of election fraud, a County Clerk, who formerly worked for the GOP, has found 14,000 votes that mysteriously disappeared, and give the GOP candidate in the Supreme Court race the lead.

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The Republican ‘Budget’

The Republican ‘Budget’

The right-wing of the Republican party, led by House Budget Committee chairman Paul Ryan has released their federal budget plan. Ryan claims it will knock off trillions of dollars from our national debt. He thinks it’s a great plan. And why not? It sure cuts out of a lot of bothersome “people” programs.

The Four Horsemen of the Budgetopolypse: If Republicans Were Planning your Household Budget

The Four Horsemen of the Budgetopolypse: If Republicans Were Planning your Household Budget

Some humor regarding the Republican budget plan.

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The Republican Budget Isn’t Good Enough

The GOP controlled House of Representatives has submitted yet another stop gap measure, this one only for a week, to once again, forestall the shutdown of government services. This measure has been shot down by the Obama administration, favoring instead an all or nothing approach.

Vermont to get Single Payer Health?

Vermont to get Single Payer Health?

Vermont- Governor Peter Shumlin has submitted legislation that would create a state wide single payer healthcare system. That is to say, the government foots the bill for all healthcare administered to Vermont Residents. A number of doctors have already stated they would move to Vermont to take advantage of this, […]

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Hello Scott Walker

Hello Mr. Scott Walker; how’s your day—better than the unions and the teachers you’ve just legislatively violated I would assume. One of these days, if not today, the people of this nation will finally realize that our similarities make us much stronger than our differences.

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The Battle Over The Budget

The clock is ticking down, and a government shutdown is looming with no compromise in sight. After several temporary budget resolutions, both parties are already blaming each other for the shutting down of the government this Friday. But which side is really to blame?

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Fox News North starts next month. R.I.P. Canada 1867-2011

Fox News North starts next month. R.I.P. Canada 1867-2011

Canada is getting its own version of Fox News, but will it last?

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Scott Walker Hires His Largest Campaign Donor’s Criminal Son

Scott Walker Hires His Largest Campaign Donor’s Criminal Son

What qualifications does Gov. Scott Walker require to get a supervisor job at the state Department of Commerce? All you need is to be his top donor’s son. Everyone else need not apply.

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Ignore The Distractions.

Ignore the distractions the GOP and the tea party use to herd their sheep and confuse the left.

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House GOP Applauds Government Shutdown

Congressional Republicans are more than happy to allow the Government to shutdown. Even if thousands of people including veterans, women, and children, are hurt in the process.

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The Democratic Scorpion, or How We Sting Ourselves in Our Collective Ass

So the President’s running for re-election. That should come as no surprise to anyone. Most Presidents aspire to a second term. It’s only natural that Democrats should be pleased. Whatever you say, he’s accomplished a lot – more than his previous two Democratic predecessors.

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The Liberal Revolution!

Liberalism has a long and rich history of creating change when it is needed the most.

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Defending the Power Elite in America Against the Interests of the People: The Case of the United States Government

There are several ways the status quo, government run by the powerful and not the people, is protected in the United States. It is set up to prevent big sweeping changes and thus promotes the interests of those in power, the moneyed and political elite. Elections do little to change the underlying body politic and are only cosmetic in nature.

Obama Can’t Win. No Matter What He Does.

Obama Can’t Win. No Matter What He Does.

Barrack Obama was everyone’s favorite candidate in 2008. Today, despite a well played effort to be a better president than anyone could hope for amid the numerous crises he faces both inherited and new, he is a whipping boy for every man woman and child in this nation. It seems […]

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What Can You Really Pass to Your Children?

The right wing NEEDS this process of inherited political thinking. The policies they endorse make no sense, so they need to create an army of followers that don’t question anything.

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A Well-Informed Electorate Elects a Responsible Government? Ask Eric Cantor

Eric Cantor makes a major gaffe, showing he has no idea how a bill is passed. Cantor is the Republican Majority Leader in the House of Representatives.

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Delaware Senate Approves Medical Marijuana

At around 4:20 (Yeah, really) on 3-31-2011, Delaware moved one giant step towards legalizing medical marijuana for suffering patients. The Delaware State Senate has passed SB17 by a vote of 18-3. I got word from Senator Anthony DeLuca’s legislative aide, Valarie McCartan. The bill now moves to the State House […]

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Georgia GOP Pushes Lower Taxes for Corporations, Higher Taxes For Girl Scouts

GOP controlled legislatures all across the country are facing huge budget deficits. The GOP in Georgia has a solution; higher taxes for girl scouts and lower taxes for corporations.

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