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Republican Congressman Doug Lamborn

Republican Congressman Refers To President Obama As A ‘Tar Baby’

Congressman Doug Lamborn (R-CO) has equated negotiating with President Obama to ‘touching a tar baby’. The term ‘tar baby’ has a long history of racism, and was used to refer to African-Americans.

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GOP Website Accidentally Admits They Think Obama Will Win In 2012

Call it a Freudian slip, a Republican website, GOP.com, is proudly displaying an image showing Preisdent Obama’s last day in office as January 20, 2017.

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Are Obama’s Aggressive New Ground-Breaking Fuel Standards Too Lax?

Did the Obama administration allow the auto industry too much in concessions? Or are the new standards really a significant step in the right direction?

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Treat women like cattle? How about we go for…Plan B? YEEEEEAAAHHHHHH!!!!!

Obama Gives The GOPs’ War on Women™ A Kick In The Groin

This here’s a little story. A story about women, the political party that hates them and the man who just slapped that party across the face.

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Examining The Debt Deal

Examining The Debt Deal

Last night, I was very angry about this deal. I felt that it didn’t represent a true compromise that President Obama and the majority of the American people demanded. Today, I’m less reactionary, and more interested in examining the pros and cons of the deal, and who wins and loses. First, let’s examine the meat of the deal.

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and members of her Tea Party caucus. Image from http://ccrofnyblog.wordpress.com/2011/02/07/%E2%80%9Ctea-party-town-hall%E2%80%9D-in-dc-tues-feb-8th-7-9pm-watch-live/

Kick ‘Em To The Curb

Tea Party Caucus. The caucus chairman is Michele Bachmann of Minnesota. As of March 31, 2011 the committee has 60 members, all Republicans.

Climbing the Mt. Everest of American Debt!

Climbing the Mt. Everest of American Debt!

As you all are aware of by now, the conservative/Republican brand is allegedly more determined than ever to tackle this mountain of U.S. debt, especially if you let them tell it! Now that sounds respectable on the surface, but it smells deceptively inaccurate underneath, at least to my political nostrils it does.

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There Are Also Christian Terrorists…

While it has been a popular Christian past-time to brand Muslims and others from other religions as mistaken, confused and other terms that are less than endearing, it is becoming apparent that the very Christians who use this divisive activity are themselves becoming violently restless and I would like to point this out to those who have not been paying attention.

Barack Obama. Image from http://hpronline.org/hprgument/libya-and-american-leadership-kalb-frank-and-obama/

The White Knight Scenario: What President Obama Should Do About The Debt Deadline

This debt ceiling debate has been long, arduous, and ridiculous. Democrats have made a good faith effort to compromise, even if that means putting Social Security and Medicare cuts on the negotiating table. Republicans on the other hand, have refused to give up any of their sacred cows.

State Senator Luther Olsen Scandal and How You Can Help the Recalls in WI

State Senator Luther Olsen Scandal and How You Can Help the Recalls in WI

This week has been quite interesting. It started with Leslie getting attacked by a state employee who was arrested yesterday for charges involving the assault and use of a deadly weapon. That started an entire wave of action involving heart shaped balloons and topped off with the Department of Administration hanging a net on the top of the dome so that if the balloons do hurt the painting (it’s speculation), they will not touch it.

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Debt Ceiling And Deficit Reduction Talks Avoid Military Spending Cuts

Democrats and Republicans in both the House and the Senate have been frantically scrambling in their attempts to pass a bill starting the nation on its way towards mild deficit reduction. Yet through all of these talks one major segment of the budget most definitely and purposely has been off the table: military spending.

by Raymond Gellner· · News
Republicans:  Sold Your Souls to the Teabagging Devils

Republicans: Sold Your Souls to the Teabagging Devils

Congressional tea party Congressmen and women are becoming the bane of Boehner . . . they’re even drawing criticism from the likes of uber-conservatives Bill O’Reilly and Charles Krauthammer, who called Michele Bachmann ‘unbelievably irresponsible’ for her refusal (shared by some 60 Republican Congressmen and women) to vote to raise the debt ceiling under any circumstances.

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Duuuhhhh...Lower taxes equals more revenue!!

Proof That The Tea Party Caucus Is Too Stupid To Do Their Job

Sometimes I’m surprised the Tea Party even knows which side of the aisle to sit on…

by Walt Dismay· · News
Michele Bachmann Called For Elimination Of Freddie Mac And Fannie Mae AFTER Getting $400,000 Government Mortgage

Michele Bachmann Called For Elimination Of Freddie Mac And Fannie Mae AFTER Getting $400,000 Government Mortgage

Michele Bachmann has been getting government money for just about everything these days. From government funds to care for foster children, $250,000 in farming subsidies, $100,000 to train employees, and a great deal of Medicare money goes into the pocket of her husband. But these funds are nothing compared to a $417,000 mortgage that Bachmann received in 2008 from government mortgage programs.

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Credit Where Credit Is Due: Some People Need Reminding

Credit Where Credit Is Due: Some People Need Reminding

Now, in an eleventh hour panic, the House announces – nay, the House tells the President to invoke the ambiguous 14th Amendment option, something that has never been tried before and may be impeachable.

Buddy Christ says: GOP = SOL

A Prayer For The Success Of The Tea Party.

Please let the Tea Party win the battle for the soul of the GOP. I promise to eat my vegetables at dinner and brush my teeth every night, just let the crazy people take over the GOP!

by Walt Dismay· · Political Humor
Republicans Continue Their War Against The People Of Wisconsin

Republicans Continue Their War Against The People Of Wisconsin

As if the people of Wisconsin haven’t been punished enough by Governor Scott Walker and the Republican controlled legislature, the GOP has unveiled a plan to keep voters from acquiring the required voter identification cards and a plan that would confuse and deter voters from going to the polls.

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GOP Brinkmanship On Debt Ceiling Will Cripple Economy And Job Growth

Less than one week until financial Armageddon! At least that is what both sides of the debate would have you believe. And to be honest, a failure to raise the debt ceiling would be tragic for the country and the world; not directly because of an inability to pay U.S. debts, but rather as a result of the economic instability and the corresponding job losses which will result from the illustration of the impotence of the modern American political system.

by Raymond Gellner· · News, Political Rants
Rick Santorum. Image from http://blogout.justout.com/?p=28524

Santorum Mixes Rhetoric, Says Big Government Should Ban Same-Sex Marriage

Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum – famous for his anti-gay stance that earned him an oddly unique ‘Google problem’ – obviously is willing to flip-flop on the universally-Right-wing stance on federal government intervention over state’s rights as well as private lives when it comes to fending off the infamous ‘gay agenda.’

President Obama. Image from http://www.frumforum.com/obama-regrets-debt-ceiling-vote

Just Waiting for the Great White Hope

These people stopped listening to the President ages ago, and along with the likes of John Boehner, Eric Cantor and various members of the White House press corps, treat him with open disrespect – reckoning him naive, incapable, incompetent, spineless and shallow, when he affects calm in a stressful situation, and stoking that well-known fear of ‘the angry black man’ when he shows passion and frustration.