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Republicans And Religious Hypocrisy

In general, the Republican party at large has an astounding level of hypocrisy when it comes to their faith. They make a good show of having ‘Christian values’ and such, but that’s just what it is. A show. A staged, fake pretense. Let’s take a look at some of these hypocrisies.

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Urgent Action Needed to Stop Tea Party from Sabotaging the Debt Ceiling Issue!

This is a call to action for all Americans who believe we need to return sanity to America politics and stop the influence of Radical TeaPublicans from destroying the Economy.

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Rush Limbaugh Says The High Temperatures Aren’t Real, They’re Part Of A Government Conspiracy

Rush Limbaugh is now saying that it is not actually as hot as people think it is, and that the Government is doctoring the temperature numbers to make people think that it’s hotter than it actually is.

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Texas Governor Rick Perry and Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin

Republican Governors Who Don’t Believe In Climate Change Call For Day Of Prayer To End The Heat

Republican Governors from Texas and Oklahoma have called for a day of prayer, to end the heat wave that is roasting most of our country right now. Governor Rick Perry of Texas and Governor Mary Fallin of Oklahoma don’t believe in climate change, yet they believe if enough people pray then the heat will end.

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Using ‘Corporate Personhood’ To Bring Down News Corporation

By definition, corporate personhood practically grants corporations the same rights that human beings enjoy. So that should also mean that corporations should face the exact same consequences when a crime is committed. And I’m not just talking about a person within the corporation. I’m talking about the entire corporation.

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GOP 2012 — What a fun circus! Grab your popcorn!

A humorous list of 2012 GOP Presidential – uh ‘hopefuls’ I guess is the best word for them

by Courtney Lynn· · Political Humor
Dear Mr. President

Dear Mr. President

I know I am going to get a lot of flak for this with my fellow democrats/liberals/progressives, whatever you want to label yourselves. However, I think we need to redirect our anger for a moment – just a moment. I wanted to share with you a letter I am writing to the President because I think it is important for all to see this.

by Courtney Lynn· · Political Rants
We Are Not Pawns in the GOP’s Sick Game

We Are Not Pawns in the GOP’s Sick Game

Republicans across the country have tried to force their policies down Americans throats and they are using an age-old advertising trick of puffery. Puffery, for those who are not into marketing, is when you insert key words into the advertising of your product, service, or in this case, policy.

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Why We Owe Thanks To Fox News For Our Republican Presidential Candidates

We really ought to thank Rupert Murdoch and Fox News for the crème de la crème collection of crazed crackpots entering the presidential race. None of these candidates would never have gained so much attention had it not been for Fox News’ drive to ‘entertain’ Americans with their ‘conservative’ version of news.

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It Must Be Okay When You Are Republican

130 Republicans who are in congress today voted to hike the debt ceiling under Bush, without hostage threats.

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Wisconsin Senate Removes Citizen for SILENTLY Filming Meeting in Violation of 1st Amendment!

Anyone who’s been following the work I have been doing has seen the First Amendment of the US Constitution literally trampled on by the GOP in power here in Wisconsin. It started with them saying you cannot hold signs on any floor but the ground floor of the Capitol.

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Obama Dismisses Progressives, Again

Obama ignores the ideas of some of his staunches allies during his 2008 election campaign at a time when progressive ideas could be his only path to a successful presidency.

Raise your hand if you want me to tell the GOP to go frack themselves!

Obama Must Resist GOP Economic Terrorism

The GOP is threatening to wreck the economy for political gain. Obama must hold firm or we’ll never climb out the hole they dug for us.

Rupert Murdoch Gets A Pie Full Of Shaving Cream To His Face (VIDEO)

Rupert Murdoch Gets A Pie Full Of Shaving Cream To His Face (VIDEO)

During a hearing today before the British Parliament, an angry protester hit Rupert Murdoch in the face, with a pie full of shaving cream.

by Matthew Desmond· · News
Rupert Murdoch. Image from http://www.socialistunity.com/?cat=173

Rupert Murdoch’s Fall From Grace Is Good For America And The World.

Rupert Murdoch and his band of misguided cohorts and minions have done irreparable damage to the institute of Journalism. These unforgivable people have systematically stripped the Journalistic process to the core, to its bare bones. I do think this scandal being broken is a good thing. News Corp has used it’s power and influence to strangle smaller news media and other enterprises around the world to the point of no return, causing dozens of them to close down or be gobbled up by the giant itself. The world has suffered mightily at the hands of News Corp.

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Walker Recall, Fitzmandering (WI Gerrymandering), and Kathy Nickolaus… Again??

Let’s start with the Walker recall. Last week the Democratic Party of Wisconsin issued a statement that they would prefer to see Scott Walker recalled November of 2012 vs what will probably be March 2012.

by Segway Jeremy Ryan· · News
Rupert Murdoch, owner of News Corp.

Murdoch Hacking Scandal Whisteblower Found Dead

The whistleblower who reported that ‘News of the World’, the tabloid owned by Rupert Murdoch, had been hacking cell phones, has been found dead.

by Matthew Desmond· · News
Kansas AG’s ‘No Bid’ Contracts Raise More Questions

Kansas AG’s ‘No Bid’ Contracts Raise More Questions

Last week, after a number of news outlets reported that Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt had hired a high-priced, politically-connected law firm to represent the State of Kansas in upcoming litigation, the Kansas Democratic Party launched an investigation into the process used by the Attorney General’s Office to hire the firm in question. The KDP found a number of alarming facts surrounding the bidding process, and Jeff Chanay, the individual who AG Schmidt placed in charge of awarding state contracts.

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ABC News is More Disgusting than Fox News

How can a news channel be worse than Fox News? Funding a suspected murderer is one way to accomplish this Herculean task.

by Kenneth Stice· · News
Republican Politicians Hate America

Republican Politicians Hate America

Given the enormity of Republican patriotism, it is interesting that they are so hell-bent on winning the 2012 election, they will do anything it takes to bring this country to its knees in the hope that Americans will be too stupid and/or too ignorant, to understand who drove the economy off a cliff in the first place, and who is currently standing at the top of the cliff making sure we stay down.