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Republican Presidential Debate Quickly Turns from Bad to Ugly

Watching the Aug. 11 Republican Presidential debate was as uninspiring as watching half-dazed mice chase one another’s tails around a maze in search of cheese. On the brighter side, the candidates did put enough lies and fumbles on the record to hurt each of their chances of becoming President.

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Ann Coulter Suggests Genocide As A Solution To Riots In London

The title says it all, today Ann Coulter suggested that the rioters in London should be shot en masse to ‘save England from itself.’

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Rick Perry Believes He Can Win California

It is now apparent that Rick Perry will declare his presidential run soon. His ego is certainly talking a big game.

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Crazy Quotes From Michele Bachmann’s Supporters Vol. 1 (IMAGES)

Crazy Quotes From Michele Bachmann’s Supporters Vol. 1 (IMAGES)

The following images are actual screenshots taken from Michele Bachmann’s facebook fan page. I could write about the stupidity of these comments, but why don’t you check them out instead and share what you think about them.

Wisconsin protesters. Image from http://www.mygospelworkers.org/currentevents/?p=758

Wisconsin Wire: A Recap From the Ground in Wisconsin and What Is Next

An update on what is happening in the state of Wisconsin.

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BREAKING NEWS: God Speaks Out Against The Right-Wing

BREAKING NEWS: God Speaks Out Against The Right-Wing

Conservatives have used God and religion to advance their political power for decades, and God is finally speaking out.

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Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann

Michelle Bachmann And Her Secret Love Of Government

Michelle Bachmann is the Tea Party Queen. She is well-known for her rants about government spending, calling the 700-billion dollar plus stimulus plan and the auto-bailout an ‘orgy’ of spending, but is she secretly a hypocrite?

ZZzzz...NOW guns are illegal?!...ZZzzz...You said you weren't going to tax us!...ZZzzz...I can't vote because of a PARKING TICKET?!...ZZzzz...

Justin’s Daily Sleepy Time Thought: 8-10-2011

Musings on last night’s elections in Wisconsin and a less than optimistic outlook for the future.

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New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R). Image from http://netrightdaily.com/2011/05/is-gov-chris-christie-of-n-j-now-a-global-warming-alarmist/

Chris Christie Accused Of Treason For Appointing Muslim Judge

And the sharks are eating their own once again. The head of the Center For Security Policy and right-wing radio host Frank Gaffney, accused Christie of treason against the United States while interviewing Andy McCarthy of The National Review, because Christie appointed a Muslim judge

The Pink Menace is upon us!! Who will save me from these indecent thoughts?!

Conservative Smackdown of the Day: 8-10-2011

Who is today’s homophobic winner of a smackdown? Read on to find out!

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David Barton. President and Founder Wallbuilders.

David Barton Says The Scalps Of Republican State Senators Who Voted For Gay Marriage In New York ‘Should Be Hanged On The Gallery Rail’

David Barton, leader of the right-wing group, Wallbuilders, thinks that the four GOP state Senators who voted to pass gay marriage in New York should be scalped.

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Former Congressman Barney Frank (D)

Rep. Barney Frank Blames S&P Downgrade On Excessive Military Spending

Blaming the S&P downgrade of the United States credit rating on excessive military spending by the United States, Representative Barney Frank (D-MA) stated on Monday that a logical key component of further deficit reduction is the reduction of military spending.

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Image from http://subrealism.blogspot.com/2011/07/oligarchy-in-united-states.html

Saving American Democracy From Oligarchs: Step 1

Any talk of finance reform becomes stalemated as long as the Supreme Court precedent of Citizens United v. Federal Elections Commission stands unchallenged. This basic fact must be acknowledged before we can move forward.

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30 Types Of People Who Aren’t Allowed To Complain About Paying Taxes

I look at the subject of taxes differently than most Republicans. I don’t look at welfare as ‘giving’ to poor people. I see it as money that contributes to society by allowing the poor a more acceptable standard of living which makes America as a whole a better place to live.

Image from http://utopianist.com/2011/06/the-case-for-raising-taxes-on-millionaires-and-billionaires/

Tax Me!

I care about the things taxes that taxes pay for, which I why I’m OK with taxation.

Rick Santorum Doesn’t Need Any Help Making Himself Look Like An Idiot

Rick Santorum Doesn’t Need Any Help Making Himself Look Like An Idiot

Rick Santorum equates gay rights to ‘super’ rights, and has also said many other things which will seriously hurt his chances of getting the Republican Presidential nomination.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Correction: Hillary Was Never a Progressive, But Johnny Reid Was …

As more and more unreconstructed PUMAs and Clintonistas emerge from the woodwork to whine, cry, and generally stir crack over the fact that they really, really, really, really, really don’t like having a black man at the helm, they seem to have taken advantage of the mental historical shallowness that lies comfortably in the minds of most Americans.

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Montana Senator Max Baucus

Bad News For The Left, Blue Dog Democrat Max Baucus Is In The Super Congress

I am so pessimistic about this decision by Harry Reed to appoint Blue Dog Max Baucus to the Super Congress. I know, I know, technically Blue Dogs are traditionally House members, but tell that to the American People who have been stabbed in the back by his atrocious voting in the past.

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Erick Erickson on the Downgrade of US Credit

Erick Erickson on the Downgrade of US Credit

Since S&P downgraded the United States’ credit rating from the sterling AAA to AA+, attacks across the aisle have been complete rubbish. I am not a conspiracy theorist, but this article from CNN seems credible enough to me

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From http://peoplesworld.org/the-rich-are-dying-to-avoid-paying-taxes/

Tex Shelters’ Speech at the Conservative Republicans Engaged in Excessive Politics, C.R.E.E.P

Tex Shelters writes a fake speech discussing how the wealthy deceive and use the Tea Party base for a fictional meeting in Rancho Mirage. And how conservatives regret missing the meeting and the speech.