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Tax Me!

I care about the things taxes that taxes pay for, which I why I’m OK with taxation.

Rick Santorum Doesn’t Need Any Help Making Himself Look Like An Idiot

Rick Santorum Doesn’t Need Any Help Making Himself Look Like An Idiot

Rick Santorum equates gay rights to ‘super’ rights, and has also said many other things which will seriously hurt his chances of getting the Republican Presidential nomination.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Correction: Hillary Was Never a Progressive, But Johnny Reid Was …

As more and more unreconstructed PUMAs and Clintonistas emerge from the woodwork to whine, cry, and generally stir crack over the fact that they really, really, really, really, really don’t like having a black man at the helm, they seem to have taken advantage of the mental historical shallowness that lies comfortably in the minds of most Americans.

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Montana Senator Max Baucus

Bad News For The Left, Blue Dog Democrat Max Baucus Is In The Super Congress

I am so pessimistic about this decision by Harry Reed to appoint Blue Dog Max Baucus to the Super Congress. I know, I know, technically Blue Dogs are traditionally House members, but tell that to the American People who have been stabbed in the back by his atrocious voting in the past.

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Erick Erickson on the Downgrade of US Credit

Erick Erickson on the Downgrade of US Credit

Since S&P downgraded the United States’ credit rating from the sterling AAA to AA+, attacks across the aisle have been complete rubbish. I am not a conspiracy theorist, but this article from CNN seems credible enough to me

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From http://peoplesworld.org/the-rich-are-dying-to-avoid-paying-taxes/

Tex Shelters’ Speech at the Conservative Republicans Engaged in Excessive Politics, C.R.E.E.P

Tex Shelters writes a fake speech discussing how the wealthy deceive and use the Tea Party base for a fictional meeting in Rancho Mirage. And how conservatives regret missing the meeting and the speech.

Why let the little people decide their fate? The rich are so much better than they are!

Conservative Smackdown of the Day: 8-9-2011

Take away our right to vote? I think not!

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Image from http://newsone.com/world/associatedpress2/somalia-famine/

Hey Republicans, Share the Wealth… The Somalis Are Dying!

While Americans enjoy picnics, run after ice-creams trucks and enjoy endless summer treats, millions of Somalis fall victim to fatal starvation. Our western obsessions for bikini-ready fad diets and debt-ceiling chatter restrict us from one harsh, disgusting reality: 30,000 Somali children have died in the last 90 days.

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For no damn reason at all!

Right Wing: Impeach Obama! Why? Because It Worked On Clinton!

The GOP is looking to redefine ‘frivolous lawsuit.’

I wonder if Dred Scott was happy to be a slave? I'm guessing not.

Michele Bachmann Supports View That Slavery Wasn’t So Bad After All

Michelle Bachmann endorses the view that slaves and their owners once worked together without hate because they all felt the love of Jesus. Wow.

ZZzzz...they're coming for you Walker...ZZzzz...how will you earn your blood money now, Scotty?...ZZzzz...ask not for whom the red balloon floats for it floats for thee...ZZzzz...

Justin’s Daily Sleepy Time Thought: 8-8-2011

Tonight’s Sleepy Time Thought is brought to you by Wisconsin kicking the GOP’s ass tomorrow.

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Bill Maher and Arianna Huffington. Image from http://www.exposay.com/bill-maher-and-arianna-huffington-2007-vanity-fair-oscar-party/p/16404/1/?f=Bill+Maher+and+Arianna+Huffington

A Tale of Two Women and The One Man Who Failed

It seems to me that HuffPo seems to grow like the weed it is and spread like a cancer through the media world, and at the most opportune times. The week that Rupert Murdoch was testifying in Parliament and getting slammed in the smacker with a shaving foam pie, Arianna turned up in London to launch – you guessed it – HuffPost UK Edition.

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Who needs clean air? I have Jesus as my copilot AND my asthma pump!

Conservative Smackdown of the Day: 8-8-2011

Awarded to Michelle Bachmann for perpetuating the Right’s ignorant crusade against the Environmental Protection Agency.

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By The People, For The People?

By The People, For The People?

A simple statement can have more meaning behind it than even the longest of novels. By the people, for the people. When did our perspective shift away from that? We are no longer a nation that believes in this statement; at least by the way the federal government is acting.

by AJ· · Political Rants
This old white man is REALLY gonna make this about Hillary's age??

Mitch McConnell: Economic Terrorist

Mitch McConnell is quite pleased with himself for helping to weaken American democracy. ‘Majority rules’ is for suckers if you’re a Republican.

by Walt Dismay· · Right-Wing Talking Points
Tea Party Audience Proudly Cheers The Downgrade Of America’s Credit Rating

Tea Party Audience Proudly Cheers The Downgrade Of America’s Credit Rating

After a speaker at a tea party rally told the audience that commentators were describing the downgrade of US debt to AA+ from AAA as the ‘tea party downgrade,’ the audience cheered proudly that their right wing faction in Congress had caused it.

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Michele Bachmann's Newsweek cover

Michele Bachmann’s Crazy Newsweek Cover

Michele Bachmann will be on the cover of Newsweek next week, and many people are saying they picked a slightly less than flattering picture of her. Check it out for yourself, and see what you think.

ZZzzz...no, you may NOT put me on hold...ZZzzz...trust the stock market?...ZZzzz...Does the year 2008 not ring a bell with you?...ZZzzz...

Justin’s Daily Sleepy Time Thought: 8-7-2011

Another evil, horrible, greedy union fights for the rights of the working class to get a fair deal. When will the madness end?!

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And maybe Sarah Palin could be Secretary of Defense. She can shoot moose from a helicopter don't ya know?

Conservative Smackdown of the Day: 8-7-2011

Mike Huckabee finds a way to out-stupid Sarah ‘refudiate’ Palin.

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Zadroga Bill Doesn’t Cover Cancer

Do you believe that it is a moral desideratum to give 9/11 first responders free health care? Our politicians have a different view on this matter.

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