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Justin’s Daily Sleepy Time Thought: 8-14-2011

Justin’s Daily Sleepy Time Thought: 8-14-2011

Today’s thought is brought to you by the stupid and uneducated: running for the GOP nomination since 2000!

by Walt Dismay· · News
Congratulations, you're scumbags!

Conservative Smackdown of the Day: 8-14-2011

San Francisco takes a nasty turn to the Dark Side of governmental censorship.

by Walt Dismay· · News
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Tim Pawlenty Drops Out of GOP Race

After finishing third in the Iowa straw poll, Tim Pawlenty has decided to drop out of the GOP race. Someone likes to overreact!

by Kenneth Stice· · News
Why Facts Matter…A Personal Plea

Why Facts Matter…A Personal Plea

It’s quite a statement about the imminent ‘idiocracy’ in this country that I or anyone would feel compelled to write an article called, ‘Why facts matter’. I mean…duh.

by Mark Lewis· · Political Rants
From: http://www.nigeriavillagesquare.com/forum/main-square/64792-london-bridge-falling-down.html

Let The Riots In Britain Be A Warning To America

If the Congress and the President don’t take action on jobs and poverty soon, rioting won’t be limited to England, the rest of Europe, and the Middle East.

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Foreign Aid Greatly Damages Egyptian Relations

As U.S. social programs face massive cuts, $65 million in democracy grants to Egypt have angered the transition government and diminish the hope of a pro-democracy Egypt. Looks like it’s time to rethink the U.S. budget!

by Kenneth Stice· · News
Republicans May Be Brain-Damaged and Psychosocially Incapable to Lead

Republicans May Be Brain-Damaged and Psychosocially Incapable to Lead

Being mean-hearted, ignorant, and sadistic with poor executive functioning, and behavioral and personality disturbances are not qualities needed in our political leaders.

Texas Lets The Poor Burn To Keep The Rich Cool

Texas Lets The Poor Burn To Keep The Rich Cool

Texas to the poor: We need this money for the rich so it’s OK if you die from heat stroke. You don’t mind, right?

by Walt Dismay· · News
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Michele And Marcus Bachmann, The Iowa State Fair, And A Foot Long Corn Dog

Michele Bachmann and her husband Marcus spent Friday at the Iowa State fair, looking for support and sharing a foot long corn dog. Many people already believe that Marcus ‘pray-away-the-gay’ Bachmann himself is one of the people he has tried to save through his alleged homosexual repression therapy, and eating a foot long corndog at the state fair doesn’t do much to help the ‘straight’ image I’m sure he hopes to maintain.

by Matthew Desmond· · News
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Wisconsin Wire: ALEC Chair and Representative Robin Vos Killing Recalls

Alright folks, here is the next attack from the Wisconsin GOP. They’ve attacked our elections. They’ve attacked our schools and our jobs. And now, there is Robin Vos, State Chair of the American Legislative Exchange Council, or ALEC, for short.

by Segway Jeremy Ryan· · News
ZZzzz...Look at all the mud they're flinging!...ZZzzz...At each other!!...ZZzzz...Bunch of damn dirty Republicans!...ZZzzz...

Justin’s Daily Sleepy Time Thought: 8-12-2011

This Sleepy Time Thought is brought to you by the GOP campaign of 2012: “Obama sucks so you should vote for whoever we tell you to regardless of how much worse they’ll be!”

by Walt Dismay· · News
Why no, we CAN'T raise taxes! How will they be able to pay for my bonu...errrrr... campaign contrib...ummm...create jobs? Yeah, that's it! THAT'S the ticket!

Conservative Smackdown of the Day: 8-12-11

It’s not a flip-flop if you’re a Republican…

by Walt Dismay· · News
Michele Bachmann Thinks Submissive Means The Same Thing As Respectful

Michele Bachmann Thinks Submissive Means The Same Thing As Respectful

Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann was asked yesterday, during the Republican Presidential Nominee Debate, whether or not she would be submissive to her husband if she were elected President. The question was in response to a comment Bachmann made. Bachmann had stated that she didn’t want to go to law school […]

by Matthew Desmond· · News
Go on! Shoo! Straights only!

A Republican Candidate That’s Gay? Fox News Says ‘No Way!!’

If you are easily offended by juvenile humor, do not read this article. If, however, you are totally FABULOUSSSSS then dive right in!

by Walt Dismay· · News
HAHA! You might have HIV now, rapist!

Another ‘I Hate Gays’ Republican Kicked Out Of The Closet

If we could turn Republican self-loathing into an energy source, we could run the country for a thousand years.

by Walt Dismay· · News, Right-Wing Talking Points
Sarah Palin Says Mitt Romney Is Right, ‘Corporations Are People’ (VIDEO)

Sarah Palin Says Mitt Romney Is Right, ‘Corporations Are People’ (VIDEO)

Today Sarah Palin weighed in by saying that Corporations don’t pay taxes, people pay taxes, and because of that Romney is right, in response to the question ‘are corporations people’. Romney believes they are people.

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The Republican Debate in Iowa

The Republican debate that occurred tonight in Iowa on August 11th of 2011 on the Fox News network was a much better debate than the previous one, and to my progressive dismay; the panel, which consisted of Brett Braier, Chris Wallace and others, asked some really informative and provocative questions.

by Bryian Revoner· · News
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Republican Presidential Debate Quickly Turns from Bad to Ugly

Watching the Aug. 11 Republican Presidential debate was as uninspiring as watching half-dazed mice chase one another’s tails around a maze in search of cheese. On the brighter side, the candidates did put enough lies and fumbles on the record to hurt each of their chances of becoming President.

by Liberal Lamp Post· · News
Image from http://nation.foxnews.com/ann-coulter/2011/08/10/coulter-op-ed-sun-never-sets-british-welfare-system

Ann Coulter Suggests Genocide As A Solution To Riots In London

The title says it all, today Ann Coulter suggested that the rioters in London should be shot en masse to ‘save England from itself.’

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Rick Perry Believes He Can Win California

It is now apparent that Rick Perry will declare his presidential run soon. His ego is certainly talking a big game.