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Charles Koch. Image from http://www.forbes.com/lists/2010/10/billionaires-2010_Charles-Koch_Z9KL.html

Charles Koch Refers To President Obama As ‘Saddam Hussein’, Calls For ‘Mother Of All Wars’ To Defeat Him

At a secret right wing meeting in Colorado this past June, Charles Koch alarmingly referred to President Obama as ‘Saddam Hussein,’ saying that the right had to fight the ‘mother of all wars.’ His words rallied the right wing donors in attendance to donate millions of dollars to right wing organizations and causes.

ZZzzz...Labor Day? What's that?...ZZzzz...What's with wearing white?...ZZzzz...Hire a WAll ST. PR firm...ZZzzz...Ultimate irony...ZZzzz...

Justin’s Sleepy Time Thought: 9-4-2011

Tonight’s Thought is brought to you by Unions, Labor Day, and TERRIBLE public relations.

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I didn't even know it existed until I was Rain Man in 1988 and didn't hear the word again for at least a decade. We've come a long way since then.

Autism And The Inhumanity Of The Right Wing

Sarah Palin uses her special needs child as a prop piece but we already know that the Right Wing wants to cut services for them. Where does that leave conservative parents?

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Left-Wing Mainstream Media Hurting Democracy As Much As Right-Wing

People ask who the enemies are or who is hurting our movement in the media. They always point to Fox News but many fail to see just how much of a roll the left wing media especially MSNBC has to play in hurting the movement as well. Recently I unleashed a bombshell of a story that showed a clear connection between the Governor and some of our elections software.

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Republican Senators. Image from http://www.blackstate.com/business.html

44 Senate Republicans Sign Pledge To Oppose Any Director Of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Unless It Is Weakened

Republicans have simply gone pledge crazy. It’s the newest fad among Republicans. Rather than keeping their oath to protect the American people, Republicans would rather sign pledges to do what their corporate masters want them to do.

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Waaaaaa! I don't wanna talk to the liberal anymore! He makes me feel uncomfortable about being a scumbag!

Conservative Smackdown of the Day: 9-4-2011

In which I force conservatives to confront their own hypocrisy and stupidity and laugh at the results. Come. Laugh with me! MwahahaahAAHAHAHAHAHAHahahahahaha!

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Why Labor Day Is Important

Why Labor Day Is Important

As we approach this Labor Day, we might pause to reflect upon the currently trending political demonization of unions, especially public employee unions as the ill that almost single-handedly is bankrupting the country.

Congresswoman Nan Hayworth (R-NY)

Cantor & Co. Disgusting, Despicable Tea Party Abusers: Give Irene Victims Help

So let me get this straight: According to New York Republican Rep. Nan Hayworth, refusing to provide aid – in her own district, no less – to victims of Irene unless the federal budget is cut is the same thing as families not taking vacations when they have too many bills?

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Sarah Palin Disappoints Fans, Once Again Refusing To Announce Whether Or Not She’ll Run For President

Sarah Palin Disappoints Fans, Once Again Refusing To Announce Whether Or Not She’ll Run For President

Sarah Palin had a major speech scheduled at a tea party rally today. Many of her supporters were hoping she would use the opportunity to announce her candidacy, but she has decided to continue to string them along.

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Justin’s Angry Sleepy Time Thought: 9-2-2011

Tonight’s Thought is brought to you by the Angry Liberal Fist of Death. Must…control…fist…

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It's "One man, one vote!" not "One dollar, one vote!" you fucktard!

Conservative Smackdown of the Day: Columnist Matthew Vadum 9-2-2011

What happens when a conservative columnist forgets to speak in conservative code? He gets a Scumbag of the Day award!

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Joe Walsh. Image from http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/09/02/joe-walsh-barack-obama_n_946377.html

Tea Party Congressman And Deadbeat Dad Joe Walsh Plans To Boycott President Obama’s Jobs Speech

Deadbeat dad Joe Walsh says he’s going to boycott the President’s jobs speech in front of Congress on September 8th.

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Conservative columnist Matthew Vadum. Image from http://www.flickr.com/photos/irvines/5733449345/sizes/l/in/photostream/

Conservative Columnist Say Registering The Poor To Vote Is ‘Like Handing Burglary Tools To Criminals’

A conservative columnist is equating the poor to criminals, and he isn’t being shy about it either.

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Bruce Bartlett on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Reaganomics Author Sees The Light: Bruce Bartlett’s Call For Higher Taxes On The Wealthy

Mr. Bartlett called for tax increases on the wealthy. That’s major. That’s fresh facing of reality from one of those who sold us the lower taxes idea in the first place. Even Bruce Bartlett — an architect of Reaganomics — has apparently seen the light. Given enough such calls for rationality, maybe we can get past the ‘starve the beast’ insanity and start doing what needs to be done.

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Glenn Beck And Co-Host Cheer August’s Dismal Jobs Report

Glenn Beck And Co-Host Cheer August’s Dismal Jobs Report

The August jobs report came out this morning, and even though the economy didn’t lose jobs it also didn’t gain any jobs. Glenn Beck and his co-host on his radio show couldn’t contain their excitement when they heard the news, and started happily chanting ‘no new jobs!’ when they got the report.

ZZzzz...The 10th anniversary is going to be horrible...ZZzzz...Politicians everywhere making asses of themselves...ZZzzz...I should just stay in bed...ZZzzz...

Justin’s Daily Sleepy Time Thought: 9-1-2011

Tonight’s Thought is brought to you by my inner monologue on how to commemorate 9/11 in writing.

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A Glock 23. Image from http://www.flickr.com/photos/masksqueeze2/3299905498/

Arizona Republican Party In Pima County Raffle Off Glock, Same Type Used In Shooting Of Gabrielle Giffords

The Republican Party of Pima County sure are acting sensitive towards Gabrielle Giffords these days, aren’t they? First, the potential Republican challenger questions her fitness to serve in public office, and now the GOP in her district are raffling off a Glock handgun as part of a fundraiser.

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REUTERS / Jonathan Ernst

VA Hotel Evicts Paying Liberal Guests to ‘Avoid Confrontation’ with Eric Cantor

Don’t you want to know which hotel evicted people from their rooms and canceled their ballroom reservation just so Eric Cantor wouldn’t have to hear anything dissident during his stay? And don’t you want to hear what those people had to say?

It's a message! From the FUUUUUTURE!!!

Conservative Smackdown of the Future: The GOP 9-1-2011

Brought to you by the Magic 8-Ball: ‘Will a Republican go against all of their supposed principles in the near future?’ All signs point to yes!

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An unhappy movie-goer. Image from http://padraicj.blogspot.com/2011/02/stop-being-asshole-at-movies.html

25 Movies That Conservatives Hate

Hollywood is one of the most hated institutions among conservatives. Conservatives have long written off Hollywood as a liberal establishment, and accuse the acting world of making movies that have a liberal bias. So what movies do conservatives hate? Here are 25 movies that conservatives hate and why.

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