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White House Equates GOP Debate with Animal Planet, Lays Down Gauntlet to GOP Contenders

Now that Obama will speak before both chambers of Congress at the same date and time as the next GOP presidential debate (Wed., Sept. 7 at 8pm ET), Republicans must decide whether to take the ratings hit and go on with the debate as planned – or shuffle out of the President’s way and reschedule the side-show circus known as the Republican Debate/Tea Party Tirade.

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Rick Santorum Thinks LGBT People Are Waging A ‘Jihad’ Against Him

When a Republican uses hatred and fear of gays to propel themselves into public office, it’s fairly textbook and hardly newsworthy. Not surprisingly, in the GOP presidential race there seems to be a trend towards proud homophobia.

Justin’s Daily Sleepy Time Thought: 8-30-2011

Justin’s Daily Sleepy Time Thought: 8-30-2011

Tonight’s Thought is brought to by Right Wing racism and Chris Rock.

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Are you going to pay for all the damage you've caused? Noooooooo! That would "punishing success!" and the GOP will never allow it.

Corporate Smackdown of the Day: Monsanto – 8-30-2011

When all of Monsanto’s crop fail spectacularly and the world is facing a massive famine, do you think the CEOs will be blamed? AHAHAH! Don’t be silly!

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Pat Buchanan Admits That ‘Bush Broke The United States As A Superpower’

Pat Buchanan Admits That ‘Bush Broke The United States As A Superpower’

On the Monday edition of Morning Joe on MSNBC, Pat Buchanan blamed George W. Bush for breaking America’s superpower status in the world. The often extreme right wing political pundit made the statement the day after National Geographic aired an interview with President Bush about September 11th.

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Governor Rick Perry (R-TX)

A Heapin’ Helpin’ of Texas Hoax

Rick Perry has spent the better part of the last two weeks touting his ‘Jobs Miracle’ within the great state of Texas. His assertion is essentially that while the rest of the nation has suffered with seriously high unemployment rates, the state in which he has been governor since 2000 has actually flourished.

ZZzzz...Fine! I'll stay inside!...ZZzzz...Yes, I have batteries and fresh water...ZZzzz...YES I HAVE CLEAN UNDERWEAR!...ZZzzz...I love you, too Channel 7 news...ZZzzz...

Justin’s Sleepy Time Thought of the Day: 8-29-2011

Today’s Thought is brought to you by a filthy liberal retraction. Don’t get you used to it! ;)

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Congressman Eric Cantor. AP Photo/FOX News Sunday, Freddie Lee

Help Defeat Eric Cantor

David Hunsicker is running against Eric Cantor in VA! Help him win! He needs the Democrats to be united across the country because Cantor has access to endless corporate funds to run smear campaigns.

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Federal Appeals Court Has Deemed Prohibiting Cameras or Filming Unconstitutional

Earlier this week, Ohio Republican House Representative Steve Chabot had cameras removed from constituents at a town hall meeting. This particular story hit me personally, as I have been fighting this very same battle here in the state of Wisconsin for several months now.

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Conservative Smackdown of the Day: Rep. Steve Chabot 8-29-2011

Conservative Smackdown of the Day: Rep. Steve Chabot 8-29-2011

Today’s Smackdown is brought to by the Constitution of the United States vs. GOP censorship.

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Michele Bachmann Says She Would Drill For Oil In The Everglades If Elected President

Michele Bachmann Says She Would Drill For Oil In The Everglades If Elected President

On Sunday Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann told The Associated Press that if she became President, she would approve drilling for oil and natural gas in the Everglades, a vast wildlife and wilderness refuge in Florida.

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Is Rick Perry a Crook? The Evidence is Mounting…

Americans don’t demand much from elected officials. We just want them to be transparent and fair. What we don’t want are the kind of people who pass out appointments to top donors, create special legislation to conceal their questionable financial activity, and use taxpayer money to help fund expensive vacations. But that’s the kind of guy Texans have in Republican Gov. Rick Perry…

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Michele Bachmann Thinks God Caused The Earthquake And Hurricane For Political Purposes

Gaffe-prone congresswoman and Republican Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann has done it again, this time claiming that God used the Earthquake and Hurricane Irene to score cheap political points.

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Governor Rick Perry (R-TX)

Rick Perry: Ripped From The Headlines

The following are some recent headlines for Rick Perry. Any questions? Email his campaign.

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ZZzzz...Smart Grid?...ZZzzz... More like Dumb Republicans...ZZzzz...No, Senator, I DON'T think a collapsed dam is like a water park ride!...ZZzzz...

Justin’s Daily Sleepy Time Thought: 8-28-2011

Tonight’s Thought is brought to by sitting in the dark in the most advanced country in the world.

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This is What Happens When You Don’t Vote

I usually try to get back to the Commonwealth once a year. I’ve lived, for the past 30 years, in the same part of England to which two other Virginia women, Pocahontas (my kinswoman) and Nancy Astor, were condemned. So I feel that if I don’t wiggle my toes in some Old Dominion dirt at least once a year, I’ll be pushing up daisies in Brit dirt along with Mrs. Rolfe and Lady Astor.

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Chairman of the Michigan Republican Party, Robert Schostak. Image from

Michigan: A Model for Change

Chairman of the Michigan Republican Party, Robert Schostak, had this to say about the policies of Obama, former Governor Granholm, and the current Governor Rick Snyder.

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It's a Democrat! It's a moderate! Hell no! It's Bernie Sanders!!

Liberal Hero of the Day: Bernie Sanders 8-28-2011

That’s right, Bernie! Force the Republicans to tell the country that they’ll cut Social Security before taxing the rich!

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Congressman Joe Walsh

Tea Party Congressman Joe Walsh Owes 9 Years Of Child Support

It turns out that the Tea Party Congressman who got elected preaching fiscal responsibility is fiscally irresponsible AND morally bankrupt. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Walsh owes 9 years worth of child support which comes out to an astonishing $117,000. While Walsh claims that he won’t place one more dollar of debt of our kids, he has placed $117,000 worth of debt on his own kids.

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Build Your Own Levees, and Kiss Irene

There is no other politician/candidate that has perplexed me like Congressman and presidential nominee Ron Paul.

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