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New Hampshire Sponsor Of Minimum Wage Restriction Law Says Young People Are ‘Not Worth The Minimum’

Earlier this year, the newly elected Republicans in New Hampshire overrode the veto of Democratic Governor John Lynch to push through a new minimum wage restriction law that lowers the minimum wage to the federal minimum of $7.25 an hour.

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Shake. rattle and roll, baby!!!

A Little Earthquake Twitter Humor

Some funny tweets about the DC earthquake, in one easy-to-digest place with a few unposted ones.

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Journey of a Straight Man at a Gay Pride Parade.  No Shrimp!

Journey of a Straight Man at a Gay Pride Parade. No Shrimp!

Rarely does it occur that I miss word of a giant rally in town but August 21, 2011, or Sunday, was an exception. I was riding my Segway downtown and all of a sudden stumbled upon a gay pride parade.

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Flip-Flop: GOP FINALLY Gives Nod to Raising Taxes – But You’re Not Going to Like It

Flip-Flop: GOP FINALLY Gives Nod to Raising Taxes – But You’re Not Going to Like It

Republicans are so anti-tax increase that they would block medical treatment for 9/11 heroes to protect the wealth of the top 1% of Americans. That’s nothing new. What is news right now is who Republicans ARE looking to tax at a higher rate…

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Republicans: The Most Outrageously Uncivilized Pack of Jackals

Okay, come on, guys (and yes, Republicans, that means you), let’s get real here. Rick Perry came out with some, really, very typical right-wing blather about Ben Bernanke being treasonous and talked about how Texans would treat Bernanke ‘pretty ugly’ down there (which, in Texas, probably means being on the receiving end of something that goes boom).

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‘Pro-Life’ Republican Kansas Governor Guts Funding For Dying Infants

Another supposed ‘pro-life’ governor has decided that children outside the womb are less important than those inside the womb. Kansas Governor Sam Brownback is gutting the agency responsible for child protective services, child support enforcement, and child, adult and family well-being services, after a failed attempt to slash funding for Head Start.

But...but...but...they might vote in their own best interests instead of for Republicans!

Conservative Smackdown of the Day: 8-21-2011

Today’s Smackdown is brought to you by Right Wing voter suppression.

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Obama To Military And Private Sector: Invest In Biofuels

The Obama administration has just announced plans to invest up to $510 million in biofuels to power both military and commercial transportation methods as an effort to boost the country’s economic sustainability as well as national security.

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Republicans’ Opposition To Christianity

Religious Republicans take center stage for the Presidential Primary, despite their great divide over Christian beliefs. While American conservatives call for even more deregulation, Pope Benedict XVI is calling for a more equitable, fair, and regulated economy, saying ‘[T]he economy cannot be measured only by maximization of profit but rather according to the common good.’

ZZzzz...Oh, it's your WIFE'S company!...ZZzzz...Of course! No conflict at all!...ZZzzz...Why are you not in jail yet?...ZZzzz...

Justin’s Daily Sleepy Time Thought: 8-19-2011

To a conservative, no price is too high to punish the wicked but no price is acceptable to help the needy.

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Palin Agrees With Perry on ‘Treasonous’ Fed

Governor Rick Perry of Texas was caught issuing an nondescript threat against Federal Chairman Ben Bernanke, implicating his actions to stimulate the economy are ‘treasonous.’ Perry stated, ‘If this guy prints more money between now and the election, I dunno what y’all would do to him in Iowa but we would treat him pretty ugly down in Texas.’ Former Governor Sarah Palin appeared in an interview with Lou Dobbs on Fox News and readily agreed with Perry.

Even G.W. Bush must have SMHed himself at that one...

Conservative Smackdown of the Day: 8-19-2011

Today’s Smackdown is brought to you by the Soviet Union.

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United Arab Emirates Donates New Laptop Computers to Joplin, Missouri Students Whose School Was Destroyed by Tornado

On May 22, 2011, an F5 tornado devastated the city of Joplin, Missouri; killing 159 people. The twister destroyed a large portion of the city, including the high school. Thanks to the efforts of city officials, school teachers, administrators, and parents, school began right on time yesterday. But that’s not the entire story…

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Obama Gets Slammed Over Vacation – Republican Hypocrisy At Work

Obama Gets Slammed Over Vacation – Republican Hypocrisy At Work

From the Republican Hypocrisy Alert Files: President Obama should not be taking a vacation while America is facing a crisis.

Bachmann Evades Reality, Brings Back Fictitious ‘Death Panels’, Favors Corporations Over Taxpayers

Bachmann Evades Reality, Brings Back Fictitious ‘Death Panels’, Favors Corporations Over Taxpayers

Michele Bachmann vilifies the extension of unemployment benefits and has also started repeating the tired line that President Obama’s healthcare plan will end Medicare and lead to a ‘Board of Death Approval’.

Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. Image by Gage Skidmore

Did Michele Bachmann Admit To Treason?

Previously on the campaign trail, Michele Bachmann explained that her work as an IRS agent was responsible for creating her anti-tax fervor. But yesterday in South Carolina, the Minnesota Congresswoman offered another, more sinister explanation for her work. She claimed that she was in fact a ‘mole’ in the US Government agency.

by Sean Conners· · News, Right-Wing Talking Points 70 a larger number than 225?...ZZzzz...No? Than Bush took more. STFU...ZZzzz...Polly want a cracker?...ZZzzz...

Justin’s Daily Sleepy Time Thought: 8-18-2011

Tonight’s Sleepy Time Thought is brought to you by Obama’s ‘excessive’ vacation time.

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Congresswoman Michele Bachmann gets confused, again.

Michele Bachmann Is Scared Of The Soviet Union, Even Though It No Longer Exists

Michele Bachmann is known for flubbing on history, and today is no exception. While speaking today she said that Americans are worried about the rise of China, India, and the Soviet Union. Apparently she hasn’t heard that the Soviet Union already disbanded.

The stupid! It buuuurrrnnnnssss!

Conservative Smackdown of the Day: 8-18-2011

Today’s Smackdown is brought to you by the Theory of Evolution! “Evolution: Making monkeys out of the Right Wing for over a century.”

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Republican Senator Tom Coburn Promotes Gun Violence Against Lawmakers

In a week in which Rick Perry stated that Texas would do some ugly things to Ben Bernanke, Republican Senator Tom Coburn has gone even further by essentially promoting gun violence against liberal lawmakers.