News break it, you buy it...ZZzzz...austerity WASN'T your idea? Since when...ZZzzz...but you said cutting spending would fix everything...ZZzzz...

Sleepy Time Thought: 8-3-2011

Do liberals dream of emancipated sheep? 5000 nerd points to whoever gets the reference and posts it to my public page first.

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Country before Party? Are you stupid? GOP 4ever!!!

Conservative Smackdown of the Day: 8-3-2011

Who is today’s Scumbag? Read on, to find out!

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Alabama's Republican Governor, Robert Bentley

Legalizing Racism: Right Wing Attempts to Sanction Xenophobia Through Anti-Immigration Laws

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley of the Republican Party is getting major heat from the U.S. Justice Department for his signing of H.B. 56, a radical law that orders police officers to determine the illegal status of many immigrants.

The Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City, Utah. In 2008, despite a clear violation of separation of church and state, the Mormon Church in Utah called for it's patrons to donate money to fight Prop 8, a ballot initiative in the State of California. Image from

Tax Reforms Should Include Removal Of Automatic Tax Exemptions For All Types Of Churches

A critical, though long-ignored, source of revenue which should be addressed by this committee is the removal of the automatic tax-exempt status provision for churches as well as for synagogues, mosques, and other similar places of worship. This discussion is vital if tax reform is a truly legitimate goal of this Congress, as both Democrats and Republicans have stated on numerous occasions.

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Mike Huckabee. Image from

Huckabee Blames Toxic, ‘Unrealistic’ Republicans For Election Mess, Ignores Outlandish Expectations Of Obama

In a recent appearance on Pat Robertson’s evangelical, The 700 Club, Mike Huckabee commented to host Pat Robertson that the reason he opted out of his then-expected 2012 presidential bid was because he disagreed with he level of ‘toxicity’ garnered by his very own Right wing base.

Me? Go to war? heh...hehehe...HA...AAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Conservative Smackdown of the Day: 8-2-2011

Joe Lieberman, mighty warrior!

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Senator Joe Lieberman. Image from

Joe Lieberman Calls For Cutting Social Security To Fund MORE War

Joe Lieberman has bounced back and forth between the Democratic And Republican Parties for years now, siding with the GOP a majority of the time. But he has now taken a step towards being a Tea Party member. Today he announced a plan to cut Social Security because ‘we’re at war with Islamist extremists’.

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Planned Parenthood Firebombed In Texas

Planned Parenthood Firebombed In Texas

Throughout the debt ceiling debate many news stories have been put aside. But this story should have been front and center at some point. Last Tuesday night, someone firebombed a Planned Parenthood in McKinney, Texas.

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Republican Scare Tactics Attack Obama’s Energy Security Legislation

Republican Scare Tactics Attack Obama’s Energy Security Legislation

Following the President’s announcement on Friday of his new fuel standards, Congressman Issa filed letters with executives of every major auto company in the country. Letters that apparently alerted them that an investigation is pending.

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Wisconsin Capitol building. Image from

Wisconsin Senate Votes to Hurt Unemployed and Police Manhandle Protester

While the nation was fixated on Washington D.C. today, and rightfully so, Wisconsin saw its fair share of GOP induced abuse of working families. At a time when thousands are without work, often times due to no fault of their own, they voted to add a one week waiting period to unemployment. But it goes beyond that,

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Oh GOP, you set the standard in crooked!

Conservative Smackdown of the Day: 8-1-2011

Arson and voter suppression; are there ANY lows conservatives won’t stoop to?

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Gabrielle Giffords Returns To Washington To Vote To Raise The Debt Ceiling

Gabrielle Giffords Returns To Washington To Vote To Raise The Debt Ceiling

Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, who was shot in the head 6 months ago, surprised many people when she returned to congress today to cast her vote to raise the debt ceiling.

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President Barack Obama. Image from

President Obama’s ‘Compromise’ – or “Why We Should Never Negotiate With Terrorists”

Though I am grateful we have avoided default, I can’t help but feel as though our economy was taken hostage by extremists, Obama negotiated with the terrorists, and we are grateful the hostage was freed safely.

Republican Congressman Doug Lamborn

Republican Congressman Refers To President Obama As A ‘Tar Baby’

Congressman Doug Lamborn (R-CO) has equated negotiating with President Obama to ‘touching a tar baby’. The term ‘tar baby’ has a long history of racism, and was used to refer to African-Americans.

Screenshot from

GOP Website Accidentally Admits They Think Obama Will Win In 2012

Call it a Freudian slip, a Republican website,, is proudly displaying an image showing Preisdent Obama’s last day in office as January 20, 2017.

Image from

Are Obama’s Aggressive New Ground-Breaking Fuel Standards Too Lax?

Did the Obama administration allow the auto industry too much in concessions? Or are the new standards really a significant step in the right direction?

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Treat women like cattle? How about we go for…Plan B? YEEEEEAAAHHHHHH!!!!!

Obama Gives The GOPs’ War on Women™ A Kick In The Groin

This here’s a little story. A story about women, the political party that hates them and the man who just slapped that party across the face.

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Right Wing and Debt Ceiling Extortion

Right Wing and Debt Ceiling Extortion

The debt ceiling is a procedural vote to raise the official ‘Debt Ceiling’ to match the level of debt incurred through previously passed legislation. Or in other words, this vote merely allows the U.S. to raise it’s debt ceiling to match the costs already accrued. The raising of the debt ceiling is not a ‘blank check’ for new spending.

Barack Obama. Image from

The White Knight Scenario: What President Obama Should Do About The Debt Deadline

This debt ceiling debate has been long, arduous, and ridiculous. Democrats have made a good faith effort to compromise, even if that means putting Social Security and Medicare cuts on the negotiating table. Republicans on the other hand, have refused to give up any of their sacred cows.

State Senator Luther Olsen Scandal and How You Can Help the Recalls in WI

State Senator Luther Olsen Scandal and How You Can Help the Recalls in WI

This week has been quite interesting. It started with Leslie getting attacked by a state employee who was arrested yesterday for charges involving the assault and use of a deadly weapon. That started an entire wave of action involving heart shaped balloons and topped off with the Department of Administration hanging a net on the top of the dome so that if the balloons do hurt the painting (it’s speculation), they will not touch it.

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