Discredited Right-Wing Myths

To Those Who Are Ignorant of the Past

To Those Who Are Ignorant of the Past

A lot of people love to talk about fascism coming to the United States, draped in a flag and carrying a cross. Well, maybe that’s so; but I happen to think that it’ll come the way good old-fashioned fascism came to Germany. In fact, it’s almost here now.

Liberals and Progressives, ‘Arise And Fight!”

Liberals and Progressives, ‘Arise And Fight!”

As liberals and progressives, it is time for us to define ourselves in and on our own terms. For far too long and without credible competent contestation, conservatives have defined and driven the narrative of what it means to be liberal and progressive. Let’s be frank and honest.

A Tea Party member displaying violent rhetoric.

The Tea Party As Victims Of Left-Wing Persecution And Hate Rhetoric? Who Knew?

The tea party wants an apology for what they believe is ugly, hate-filled rhetoric directed at them, even though the tea party is responsible for a lot of ugly, violent, hate-filled rhetoric.

A Day in the Life of Joe Middle-Class Republican

A Day in the Life of Joe Middle-Class Republican

How does Joe Middle-Class Republican spend his day?

Obama and the Arab Spring

Obama and the Arab Spring

Earlier this year, we were jubilant when Tunisia ejected Zine El-Abidel Ben Ali, and even more so when the people of Egypt soon after booted Hosni Mubarak from power. As defenders of freedom and the will of the people, we were elated to see these two countries rise up and overthrow their tyrannical dictators.

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Labor Day: Brought To You In Part By The Enemy

If you oppose unions you probably shouldn’t celebrate Labor Day, and you probably don’t know the history of Labor Day.

The Wealthy Don’t Create Jobs; Good Jobs Create The Wealthy

The Wealthy Don’t Create Jobs; Good Jobs Create The Wealthy

What came first, the wealthy or the building blocks of wealth? This is no idle ‘chicken or the egg’ question. Major political players base real policies with serious impact on their own answer to the question. What if most of them are getting it wrong? What if getting it wrong could wreck the system and ransack wealth?

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How Obama Emerged from Aug. 31 Hullabaloo Looking Not So Shabby – No, Really!

Yeah, I was pretty pissed at the President yesterday, too. I mean, COME ON!! Really??!! ANOTHER thing your detractors can say you ‘caved’ on? And then two separate ideas made their way into my head.

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Rick Santorum Thinks LGBT People Are Waging A ‘Jihad’ Against Him

When a Republican uses hatred and fear of gays to propel themselves into public office, it’s fairly textbook and hardly newsworthy. Not surprisingly, in the GOP presidential race there seems to be a trend towards proud homophobia.

From: Citizen Orange

Michele Bachmann’s Not the Problem

Michele Bachmann exists as a symptom and a distraction. While the Left (and others) write endlessly about Bachmann, what we need to do is address the ignorant nationalistic and Dominionist right-wing ideology from which she sprang.

Governor Rick Perry (R-TX)

A Heapin’ Helpin’ of Texas Hoax

Rick Perry has spent the better part of the last two weeks touting his ‘Jobs Miracle’ within the great state of Texas. His assertion is essentially that while the rest of the nation has suffered with seriously high unemployment rates, the state in which he has been governor since 2000 has actually flourished.

Winnie The Pooh economics. Image from http://analytical.wikia.com/wiki/Economics

Crackhead Economics

The general conservative consensus goes something like this: corporations would love to come back to the United States, but big government liberalism would only rake them over the coals again with unfair, high taxes if they do decide to return. This is the type of conservative propaganda that passes for ‘gospel’ in places like Arkansas, since no one deigns to mention the fact that taxes under the Obama administration are actually lower.

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Does the Christian Coalition Really Endorse Slavery?

American Way is moving their offices and are archiving all the random material they have collected over the years, one of the things they have found was a Christian Coalition leadership manual from 1990. This little gem either endorses slavery explicitly, or at least argues that work relationships should be modeled after those Bible verses that clearly endorse slavery.

This computer generated image released by the SITE Intelligence Group on May 28, 2008, shows Washington, DC, in the aftermath of a nuclear attack. A video entitled, “Nuclear Jihad: the Ultimate Terror” released on May 25 has inspired jihadists on al-Ekhlaas and al-Hesbah, two password-protected al-Qaeda-affiliated forums, to discuss the possibility, permissibility, and risks for a nuclear strike in the United States or Great Britain, according to a SITE statement. SITE has translated several chatter sessions taking place on al-Ekhlaas and al-Hesbah sites discussing the topic of a nuclear bomb in the US and the west. One of the sessions posted the computer-generated picture depicting what would be the aftermath of the destruction of the capital building located in Washington, DC.      AFP PHOTO/SITE Intelligence Group          = GETTY OUT = (Photo credit should read -/AFP/Getty Images)

The 10 Step Republican Plan (To Destroying Our Country) Part I

If there is one thing that no one can take away from the right-wing, it is that they are organized and led from the shadows by a group of very intelligent people. The GOP is good at politics, even if their policies are not good for the country.

President Herbert Hoover (R)

History Is Repeating Itself, And Republicans Need To Learn Before We Hit 23% Unemployment Again

Americans are constantly told by Republicans that the best way to balance the budget and stimulate job growth is to lower taxes, but looking at history it is not hard to see that their theory doesn’t work.

Satan Can Have His Weather and His Governor Back

Satan Can Have His Weather and His Governor Back

In 2011, the state has experienced the worst one-year drought in Texas history. On Thursday, April 21, 2011, Texas Governor Rick Perry made an official proclamation, as governor, to declare three days of prayer for rain.

Things That Make You Go ‘Hmmm.’ ANOTHER Mitt Romney Flip Flop

Things That Make You Go ‘Hmmm.’ ANOTHER Mitt Romney Flip Flop

First, Mitt Romney flip-flopped on universal health care – now, with contenders such as Texas Gov. Rick Perry breathing down his neck, Romney shows he’s capable of flipping on another issue many people see as a core principle.

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How We Get the Slacker-Half to Pay Their Fair Share of America’s Taxes

Of the roughly 134 million tax returns filed in the US, about 47% of households paid no Federal income taxes. True, they do pay payroll and sales and lots of other taxes, which constitute a much higher percentage of their income than would be the case for the rich, but it’s just not enough. We need to squeeze more out of them!

George W. Bush on one of his many vacations.

Is The Presidents’ 10 Day Vacation Out of Line?

Conservatives have had a field day hammering President Obama over his 10 day vacation to Martha’s Vineyard. But has he taken more vacation days than past Republican presidents?

Tea Party Taliban

Tea Party Taliban

Am I comparing the Tea Party to the Taliban? Yeah, a little. Of course, the Tea Party is not bent on violence in the way the 9/11 hijackers were. Most American citizens aren’t under the impression that Tea Party nutbags stand ready to fly a jetliner into a building or plan in any way to kill masses of people.