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Military rape has increased by over 5000 per year… image @WarIsACrime

‘An Outrage’ – The President Addresses The Pentagon’s Latest Figures On Rape In The Military (VIDEO)

The prevailing question is not only why the number of sexual assaults in the military is so high but why there hasn’t been more urgency to eradicate the culture of violence, entitlement and impunity.

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Some voters showed up… everywhere; @NYTimes

Making History: Which Demographic Group Showed Up At The Polls In Record Numbers In 2012?

‘Voting is something of a habit’ and the more one votes and realizes the power of that vote, the more one is inspired to get and stay involved.

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Aba Atlas shows us how to celebrate a mother… @Mom.Me

A Son Changes His Mother’s Life With Gift Of Stunning Generosity (VIDEO)

‘When you put religion, intentions, money, age, ethnicity, sex aside and you really look at what this video is about, you might come to realize that it’s about one thing…’

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Ricardo Portillo… soccer ref; image @NYDailyNews

Fatal Unsportsmanship: Soccer Ref Dies After Head Blow From Teenage Goalie Angered By Foul Call

Why are our sporting events, even for teenaged children, disintegrating into scenes of violence requiring the presence of security guards?

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GOP Civil War: Conservatives Eat Their Own In Effort To Get… More Conservative

GOP Civil War: Conservatives Eat Their Own In Effort To Get… More Conservative

‘Moderate’ Republicans are caught between the rock of their liberal opponents and the hard place of the faction that wants to pull this country as far right as possible.

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True happiness… image by LorraineDevonWilke

What Do Humans Need To Be Happy? 75-Year Harvard Study Reveals Surprising Answers (VIDEO)

In one fascinating correlation, political preference and ideology had no bearing on one’s general life satisfaction… though liberals tended to be sexually active longer than conservatives.

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Will The Boy Scouts vote for tolerance? Image: Alamy  @TelegraphUK

Boy Scouts Will Vote To Include Gay Youth, LGBT Adults Will Remain Excluded

Despite the disappointment inherent in their equivocal decision, any embrace of tolerance and acceptance of gay youth is a big step for this iconic organization.

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Time Magazine's tablet-only Boston Marathon bombing cover... controversial?

Time Depicts Bloody Child On Its Boston Bombing Cover- Too Much Or Historical Accuracy? (PHOTOS)

Entering a painful gallery of difficult historical images, Time Magazine’s latest cover to be released this week immediately raised questions.

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Investigators at area of interest; image @BostonGlobe

BREAKING NEWS: CNN Presents Conflicting Reports On Arrest In Boston Marathon Bombing

CNN announces arrest then shortly after retracts with a statement that reports are ‘conflicting.’ More to come…

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Krystle Campbell, second identified fatality of Boston Marathon bombing; @InsideMetford

Boston Tragedy: Mistaken Identity Leads Parents Of Second Victim To Believe Daughter Survived

Girded to face the serious injuries they’d been told their daughter sustained, the Campbells were stunned when they saw the woman in her bed…

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Patton Oswalt; image at @PattonOswaltFacebook

Patton Oswalt’s Facebook Post After Boston Bombing Strikes A Nerve, Goes Viral On Social Media

Oswalt’s post has struck a nerve because it articulates what we all know and believe but too often forget when terror shoves our face into fear.

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Guantanamo prisoners; @DeathandTaxes

Stunning NY Times Op-Ed ‘Gitmo Is Killing Me’ Details Guantánamo Prisoner’s Hunger Strike

Eleven years is a long time to await charges, to await trial, to await justice, and the anguish felt by many on all sides of this issue is deep and metastasizing.

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Justin Bieber; image @AnneFrankHouse/Facebook

Justin Bieber’s Guestbook Note At Anne Frank’s House: Clueless Or Insensitive?

Does this make Bieber a villain? No. It makes him an insensitive, self-absorbed, undereducated pop celebrity who missed out on some understanding of what happened in the world before his arrival.

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Michelle & Barack Obama, taxpayers; image @Bossip

Obamas’ Tax Returns: Higher Charitable Giving, Higher Tax Rate Than Other Wealthier Americans

The Chronicle of Philanthropy tracks the average American donation rate at 4.7% of their income; the Obamas’ rate per their 2012 tax returns is 25%.

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Georgia Governor Nathan Deal scoffs at notion of integrated prom; image  @CreativeLoafing

Georgia Governor Decides Support For Integrated Prom Is A ‘Silly Publicity Stunt’

Instead of acknowledging the bipartisan support for the girls, Governor Deal thought it better to issue a sneering denunciation of a group actually bringing parties together to right a wrong.

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Eden Foods; photo treatment by Salon

Rich CEO Of For-Profit Organic Food Giant Sues To Avoid Birth Control Mandate Of Obamacare

The company’s right-wing agenda includes a belief that birth control procedures ‘…always involve immoral and unnatural practices.’

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North Korean children skating in capital square; images on TV that night showed tanks; photo by Patrick Thornquist @NPR

North Korean Hoax? Tourists Find Children Skating While Media Shows Tanks In The Square

‘I was a little bit nervous. But what surprised me most is how there really wasn’t any anti-American talk directly to me.’ – American in North Korea

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Rep. Dave Hagstrom (R-MT); @CapWiz

GOP Rep Declares No One Except Those Procreating Should Have Sex, Especially Not Gays

Rep. Hagstrom has four children; are we to assume – if sex is just for procreation – that he and his lovely wife have only had sex four times?

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Party down, gals!! 3% of us got it goin’ on!  @Women’sGlib

Today Is ‘Equal Pay Day’ For The 3 Percent Of Women Actually Getting Equal Pay

Clearly the message is that we women are going to have to be our best defenders and step up to the demand to … demand.

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Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton; photo by Bill O’Leary @WashingtonPost

Top Ten Reasons Why Being A Woman In Politics Takes Balls

While Clinton was making her points with the gravitas the message deserved, what were writers in the media (some of them women) talking about? Her hair.

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