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From the NOH8 campaign; image@TheBlueStreetJournal FB page

The Sky Is Falling: Top 10 Right Wing Responses To Boy Scout Policy Change On Gay Scouts

The Boy Scouts accept gay youth, sparking a predictable litany of right wing blather, some worse than others… wanna know their new definition of ‘BSA”?

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"Never ask a question presuming the answer..." Screenshot

Watch CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Awkwardly Encounter The Growing Reality Of Atheism In America (VIDEO)

In a country where 6% of the population now identifies as ‘atheist,’ one cannot presume on those “thank God’ questions. Just ask Wolf Blitzer.

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Blacks are disproportionately imprisoned for crimes; image@WBUR

Dems Throw Minorities Under The Bus By Supporting Racially Unjust GOP Amendment (VIDEO)

Dismissing the inequities of a justice system that is not color blind, a new law creates food stamp restrictions that are inherently biased against blacks.

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Suicide at the Notre Dame; image@IBTimes

As Shocked Tourists Watch, French Activist Protesting Marriage Equality Shoots Himself In Notre Dame

French anti-equality activist, Dominque Venner, made his way to the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral, pulled out a pistol and shot himself through the mouth.

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I’m sure this DOES look like loads of fun for most women; image@PimpHop

French Filmmaker: Americans Too Stupid To Realize Women Fantasize About Being Prostitutes

Is it a man thing or something endemically French to think ALL women fantasize about being prostitutes? At least the clever ones who aren’t American.

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How to get a conservative to buy green? Don’t tell them it’s green; image@FactsCoExist

Conservatives Hate Conservation: Studies Prove They’ll Reject Products Labeled As ‘Energy-Efficient’

You’d think anyone would lean toward energy-efficient products but studies say that’s not so; they won’t buy ‘green’ if they don’t buy climate change.

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Gun love

Top 10 Things Gun Lovers DON’T Need To Fear

What you define as ‘creeping government’ is the action of a society doing what it can to protect the greater good of its citizens. Gun lovers don’t seem to understand that.

Yahoo CEO, Marissa Mayer; image @DoomsDaddy

Out Of The Ashes: Two Surprising Companies Top List Of ‘Hottest Internet Companies Of The Year’

Being cool, being relevant, just got more unpredictable after two very familiar, and very unexpected, internet companies top the list of ‘hottest.’

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Allen West seeing the light at the end of his retirement tunnel; image@HuffingtonPost

Fox News Does What Florida Refused To Do: Give Allen West A Job

It would be funny if it wasn’t a waste of media airwaves. And problem is, the people who watch Fox News really believe the kind of things he says!

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Screenshot of Richard Sheridan clearly in action with a characteristic NSFW diatribe.

Psychotic Voicemail From Losing Dallas Candidate To Reporter Goes Viral (NSFW VIDEO)

Meet Richard Sheridan. He takes the role of ‘sore loser’ and raises it up a notch to spittle-flying, foul-mouthed, bat-shit crazy maniac.

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Justice John Paul Stevens; photo by Todd Heisler@The New York Times

NOW YOU TELL US: Two Justices Involved In Bush Vs. Gore Decision Admit It Was Flawed

The 2000 Presidential election, decided by the Supreme Court, changed history. Are we vindicated or angry to learn Justices involved say decision is flawed?

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Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC); image@PoorRichard’sNews

Another Obama ‘Scandal’? Nope… GOP Rep Claims Responsibility For AP Surveillance (VIDEO)

‘They are doing what we asked them to do, investigate the leak.’ – Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) on DoJ surveillance of Associated Press.

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Bulldozing history, Mayan ruins; image by Julie Vasquez/Past Horizons @RedOrbit

Criminal Charges Considered After Construction Company Bulldozes 2,300-Year-Old Mayan Pyramids (VIDEO)

Great antiquities have been lost to time, war, erosion and rebuilding. But to destroy 2,300 years of Mayan history for road fill is, indeed, ‘horrendous.’

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CNN Destroys Benghazi Cover Up Conspiracy With A Single E-Mail

CNN Destroys Benghazi Cover Up Conspiracy With A Single E-Mail

Media spin on an e-mail sent to the White House regarding Benghazi misinformation has been fierce and partisan; now the actual e-mail has been found…

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Dick Cheney and his spin on the ‘truth’; image@ThirdAge

Clearly Forgetting His Bush Years, Dick Cheney Calls Benghazi ‘Worst Incident’ During His Career (VIDEO)

It behooves anyone who might even remotely buy into his spin on the Benghazi tragedy to consider the source. It’s Dick Cheney, after all.

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The very popular Ms. Hillary Clinton @

Still Most Popular? New Poll Asks Public How GOP Spin On Benghazi Affects Their Opinion Of Hillary Clinton

While GOP stirs things up, a new poll reveals surprising results, including that 39% of Republicans who buy the ‘scandal’ don’t even know where Benghazi is.

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Is Allen West serious?; image@TalkingPointsMemo

Allen West Attempts To Be Relevant By Leaping Into IRS/Tea Party Story With Claims Of Conspiracy

Allen West, clearly bored with retirement, injects himself into the debate while ignoring manipulations of the ‘political’ groups being investigated.

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Rep. Peggy Scott ‘weeps’ for Minnesota; image@TheNewCivilRightsMovement

GOP Lawmakers Do Cry: Rep Scott Says ‘Heart Breaks’ For Minnesota After Marriage Equality Passes

While others celebrate, GOP Rep. Peggy Scott weeps as Minnesota passes marriage equality bill, declaring the act ‘not what we needed to be doing.’

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A new Sandy Hook school will emerge after the old one is torn down; image@NBC Connecticut

Newtown Panel Votes And It’s Unanimous: Tear Down Sandy Hook Elementary School And Start Over

‘I will chain my body to it in protest if they try to reopen it.’ – Daughter of slain Sandy Hook Elementary School principal.

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The Freedom Tower rises at One World Trade Center; image @InterestingInNYC

Dramatic Footage As The Freedom Tower Becomes The Tallest Building In The Western Hemisphere (VIDEO)

On May 10, 2013, the Freedom Tower was carefully topped by the broadcast antennas that now bring the building to its symbolic height of 1776.

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