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Featured image: Composite by Elisabeth Parker with frustrated taxpayer/Image Arcade and IRS tax forms and other tax preparation materials/Pixabay.

GOP’s IRS Cuts Ticking Off Taxpayers And May Cost Over $30 Billion Per Year (VIDEO)

We all love to hate the IRS, but the GOP’s drastic IRS funding cuts could cost us billions. John Oliver explains.

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Featured photo from video footage of Tulsa County, Okla. police chasing down Eric Harrs and Robert Bates shooting him: Video screen grab/Live Leak.

‘F*ck Your Breath’: Horrific Video Shows Cops Mocking Unarmed Black Man They Just Shot (VIDEO)

Last week yet another unarmed black man died in an ‘accidental’ police shooting. But here’s the thing: Robert Bates isn’t even a real cop.

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Featured image: Video screen grabs/KnowDrones/YouTube.

Stunning Video From Veterans Groups Urges Drone Pilots Not To Fly (VIDEO)

Still think drone warfare’s somehow less cruel and destructive than regular warfare? Think again.

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Featured image with Francis Jared Pusock and video footage of some of the 10 cops beating him: Composite/Video screen grabs/NBC/ABC 7.

‘Disturbing’: 10 Calif. Cops On Leave After Video Shows Them Brutally Beating Horse Thief (VIDEO)

These 10 cops from San Bernardino still haven’t figured out that video cameras exist.

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Photo with Ted Cruz and John Harwood: Video screen grab/CNBC.

Biased ‘Left-Wing’ Media Makes Ted Cruz Look Bad Again…By Quoting Him Accurately (VIDEO)

“I get portrayed in a lot of outlets as a wild-eyed lunatic,” Sen. Ted Cruz laments on CNBC. Gee, we can’t imagine why.

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Photo/composite: $20 bills/PixShark; $20 bill candidates/WomenOn20s.Org.

Bye Bye, Andrew Jackson: Which Of These Four Women Should Go On Our $20 Bill? (VIDEO)

Which of these four women do you want to see on our $20 bill? And what’s wrong with good ol’ Andrew Jackson?

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Photo with Sen. Bernie Sanders: Video screen grab/HuffPo.

Why We Love Him: Bernie Sanders Declares Higher Education Should Be A Right (VIDEO)

Bernie Sanders: “Higher education should be a right…because that makes our country stronger.”

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Photo: Video screen grab/CNN.

CNN Guest Destroys SC Cop’s Defender: Walter Scott Murdered ‘For A Broken Tail Light’ (VIDEO)

CNN guest to retired cop who tries to defend shooting down another unarmed black man: You’ve only fessed up “because there’s a video tape.”

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Composite photo with Steve Nelms, his wife Glory, and their son : Video screen grab/ABC News.

‘I Can’t Afford My Wife’: Texas Dad Reveals Shocking Truth About How We Shortchange Women (VIDEO)

Steve Nelms researched how much his wife should get paid for all the work she does while staying home with their son. Here’s what he learned.

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Photo: Video screen grab from Rand Paul's RandPAC YouTube channel.

Rand Paul Announces 2016 Run Because He Wants A Government So Small It Fits In Your Uterus (IMAGE/VIDEO)

Remember how Ronald Reagan wanted a government so small you could drown it in the bathtub? 2016 hopeful Rand Paul wants it even smaller.

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"Drought" photo: cc 2007 Tomas Castelazo/Wikimedia Commons.

Drought-Parched California Used 70 MILLION Gallons Of Water For Fracking In 2014 (VIDEO)

Drought forces Californians to reduce water use by 25 percent…While oil companies hogged 70 million gallons of water for fracking in 2014.

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Photo: Composite with the sourced photos from the article.

10 Bizarre And Amazing Jesus Sightings Photos You May Have Missed (IMAGES)

Jesus sightings happen in the weirdest of places. Some of these photos may seem silly or bizarre, but number 3 will take your breath away.

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Infographic with U.S. police killings v.s. U.K. police killings: Elisabeth Parker with photos by Jamelle Bouie (cc 2014) and Geograph.Org.

US Police Killed More People In Just One Month Than The UK’s Did In An Entire Year (INFOGRAPHIC)

That’s right. the U.S. has had more police killings in just one month than the U.K. (England and Wales) had in an entire year. That’s scary as Hell.

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Composite image by Elisabeth Parker with screen grabs from KAKE and The Wizard of Oz.

NRA’s Latest Win: Kansas Gov. Signs Law Allowing Concealed Carry Without Permits (VIDEO)

Concealed carry with no permits or training required? What could possibly go wrong?

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Photo of Tenn. GOP State Sen. Todd Gardenhire: Chas Sisk / WPLN/Nashville Public Radio.

GOP Lawmaker Denies 280,000 Healthcare, Then Calls Uninsured Constituent An ‘@sshole’ (VIDEO)

Who’s the @sshole? The man with no health insurance? Or the lawmaker who betrayed him? There’s a special place in H3ll for Todd Gardenhire.

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Ronald McDonald giving the thumbs up. Photo: ImgKid.Com.

McDonald’s Raises Wages For All Hourly Employees But Not Franchisees (VIDEO)

Still not lovin’ it: McDonald’s has taken a step in the right direction, but they’ve got a long way to go.

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Facebook user Chealsea Pfeiffer calls out The Gazette on their racist choice of news photos for two sets of men -- one white and one black -- in their crime reporting. Both sets of men are accused of burglary. Photo: Screen grab/Chelsea Pfeiffer/Facebook.

7 Men Charged With Same Crime, Their News Photos Have One Disturbing Difference

Black guys get mug shots and white guys get yearbook photos… when charged with the same crime? What’s wrong with this picture?

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Photo: Composite/Video screen grabs/MSNBC.

Chris Christie Ordered Him To ‘Sit Down And Shut Up’: Now This Man’s Running For Office (VIDEO)

Who’s afraid of that big, bloviating bully Chris Christie? Not activist and newly-minted N.J. State Assembly hopeful Jim Keady.

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Photo with Alex Martin's car set ablaze with a taser in his lethal encounter with Border Patrol: NBC San Diego.

Horrific Dashcam Video Shows Car Set Ablaze With Taser In Fatal Border Patrol Encounter (VIDEO)

Alex Martin’s car burst into flames when border patrol agents pulled him over and sparks flew from a taser. Why didn’t they show their badges?

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Photo of John Oliver delivering his rant against April Fool's Day: Video screen grab/Last Week Tonight/YouTube.

John Oliver: If You Enjoy April Fool’s Day, You’re Probably A Sociopath (VIDEO)

John Oliver hilariously rants on April Fool’s Day and makes his audience recite a “No Pranks Pledge.” Can we have fun without hurting people?

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