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Amy Goodman from Democracy Now interviews 16-year-old Karri Penniston, one of three protesters arrested in front of Sensata Technologies' Freeport, IL plant last week.

Police Arrest 16-Year-Old Girl Protesting Mom’s Lay-Off From Bain-Owned Company (VIDEO)

Police arrested 16-year-old Karri Penniston and two others protesters at the Sensata Technologies plant in Freeport, IL last week on October 8th.

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Comedian W. Kamau Bell appears in an introductory video for Actually.Org ... the truth matters.

Progressive Comedians ‘Joke Jam’ The News With Humorous Fact Check Videos (VIDEO)

If you’re feeling all fired up by Republican lies — in and out of the debates — you’ll feel glad to know that Actually.Org is getting ready to spread the truth before Election Day.

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United Food and Commercial Workers union and supporters protest at Walmart’s home office in Bentonville, AK. (Image from UFCW's facebook page)

Walmart Workers Strike Spreads To 28 Facilities In 12 Cities, Black Friday Strike Looms (VIDEO)

Do increasing numbers of strikes and protests — including a planned mass walk-out on Black Friday, the biggest and most lucrative day for retailers –mean trouble for Walmart?

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GOP Congressman Votes To Cut Funding For Embassy Security, Then Blames Obama For Libya Attacks (VIDEO)

GOP Congressman Votes To Cut Funding For Embassy Security, Then Blames Obama For Libya Attacks (VIDEO)

Soledad O’Brien interviews Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) about his vote to cut U.S. State Department security funding and his current effort to blame Obama for embassy attacks in Libya.

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Photo of religious protesters from the facebook page of Alliance Defending Freedom, formerly known as the Alliance Defense Fund.

Conservative Churches Challenge IRS On ‘Pulpit Freedom Sunday’ (VIDEO)

Over 1,000 conservative churches across the U.S. participated in October 7th’s Pulpit Freedom Sunday to protest the IRS ban on campaign endorsements for tax-exempt religious institutions.

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Fox's Bill O'Reilly and Comedy Central's John Stewart faced off in a mock debate on October 6th.

Live From Bull Sh*t Mountain – Jon Stewart And Bill O’Reilly Duke It Out In Live Debate (VIDEO)

Fox’s Bill O’Reilly and Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart faced off in mock debate at Georgetown University in Washington, DC.

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Mini-Mitt and Puny-Paul enact a Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan Thanksgiving.

12 And 9 Year Old Barringer Brothers Enact A ‘Romney-Ryan Thanksgiving’ (VIDEO)

In response to Mitt Romney wanting to fire Big Bird, Mini-Mitt and Puny-Paul make their debut.

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Nobel Prize winning Economist and New York Times Columnist Paul Krugman says on ABC’s This Week, “The press just doesn’t know how to handle flat-out untruths.”

Paul Krugman Slams Media For Mishandling Romney’s Mistruths In Presidential Debate, Defends Obama (VIDEO)

Economist Paul Krugman slams media for mishandling Romney’s lies in coverage of first Presidential Debate.

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Screen capture from "Mitt Romney Style" a parody of Psy's K-pop hit "Gangnam Style" produced by College Humor.

The 5 Most Hilarious Romney Parody Videos (VIDEOS)

How many ways can Mitt Romney be mocked? A lot, it turns out.

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30-year old Border Patrol Agent Nicholas Ivie was shot and killed in what was likely a “friendly fire’ incident.

Border Agent Likely Killed By ‘Friendly Fire,’ FBI Investigation Reveals (VIDEO)

Border Patrol Agent Nicholas Ivie was shot and killed while patrolling a notorious smuggling corridor near Naco, AZ.

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Would you believe THIS guy? Job Truther Jack Welch disputes positive job numbers from Labor Department report.

‘Job Truther’ Jack Welch Attacks President Obama For Falsifying Job Numbers, Chris Matthews Calls Him Out (VIDEOS)

Any sane person would feel thrilled with the numbers from today’s Department of Labor report … unless you’re a bat-sh*t crazy Job Truther.

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Cheerleaders from Kountze High School in Texas hold up sign displaying Bible Verse, "If God is for us, who can be against us? (Romans 8:31)

Cheerleaders For Christ Fight Ban On Bible Verses: Texas Judge Backs Them Up (VIDEO)

In the tiny Eastern Texas town of Kountze, whose residents adore Jesus and football, high school cheerleaders are raising a ruckus.

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Yo, Mittens, Downsize THIS!!!!

Big Bird To Romney – Yo, Mittens! Downsize THIS! (VIDEO)

During the October 3rd, 2012 Presidential Debate, we learned that Mitt Romney does not just ‘like firing people,’ he also has his sights on Sesame Street’s beloved character, Big Bird.

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A man with a plan, another man with another man, and a third man who can't get the first two men to shut  the hell up.

Presidential Debate 2012: The Movie, Part I (MOVIE POSTER)

Coming soon, to a theater near you: A man with a plan, another man with another plan, and a third man who can’t get the first two men to shut the hell up.

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Workers at Bain-owned Sensata Technologies in Freeport, IL protest and plant equipment moving to China. Photo courtesy of Bainport, Illinois

Protesters At Bain-Owned Company Block Moving Vans To Keep Jobs and Equipment In U.S. (VIDEO)

On October 2, employees blocked the driveways and loading dock at Sensata Technologies to prevent trucks from carting plant equipment away.

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Representative Todd Akin (R-MO).

Say WHAT? Todd Akin Claims Doctors Perform Abortions On Women Who Aren’t Pregnant (VIDEO)

Did Rep. Todd Akin (R-MO) actually conjure up a nightmarish fantasy about terrorist abortion doctors in dark pestilential pits ‘giving abortions to women who are not actually pregnant’ on the House floor?

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Hey, rich ladies … let’s do it “Mitt Romney Style” -- a “Gangnam Style” parody from

Watch Out, ‘No Drama’ Obama … Romney’s Got ‘Gangnam Style’ (VIDEO)

Just as we were starting to miss hearing “Gangnam Style,” July’s hit single by South Korean recording artist PSY, College Humor comes out with their hilarious new parody, Romney Style.

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Bain workers Jessica Muniz and SImara Martinez spoke out with coworker Calvin Johnson (not shown) about struggling to “survive on $7.25” at the Bain Worker Bus Tour rally at Burlington Coat Factory in Detroit, MI. On Sept. 27. Over 140 protesters attended. Photo courtesy of

Bain Workers Bus Tour Attacks ‘Romney Economy’ (VIDEO)

Current and former employees from companies bought out and managed by Bain Capital know from experience that if Romney applies Bain’s techniques to running the country, he’ll run it into the ground.

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Noam Chomsky was interviewed for the Boston-based "Matthew Filipowicz Show" on October 1st.

Matthew Filipowicz And Noam Chomsky Dish On Activism And Election 2012 (VIDEO)

Renowned linguist, progressive activist, and MIT Professor Noam Chomsky shared his thoughts on modern-day activism and the 2012 presidential election on the Matthew Filipowicz Show.

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Four Proven Ways To Save Homes From Foreclosure — Or At Least Delay It (VIDEO)

Four Proven Ways To Save Homes From Foreclosure — Or At Least Delay It (VIDEO)

As wave after wave of foreclosures, it helps to recall that increasing numbers of individuals and organizations have proven successful in fighting the banks and keeping families and individuals in their homes.

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