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Photo of oil spill: cc 2010 Bill Brooks/Flickr.

California Oil Spill Five Times WORSE Than The Oil Company Thought (VIDEO)

Shame on them. Cleaning up oil spills is a dangerous, arduous and painstaking process that we should NOT have to keep repeating.

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Photo with May 20, 2015 protest march on McDonald's HQ: @FightFor15/Twitter.

McDonald’s HQ Bans Media From Shareholders Meeting So You Won’t See THIS (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Congratulations, #FightFor15 protesters! McDonald’s wants us to think there’s no support for a living wage. Thank you for proving they’re wrong.

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Surprise! New Study Finds Wall Street Is As Greedy And Immoral As Ever

Surprise! New Study Finds Wall Street Is As Greedy And Immoral As Ever

Seven years have passed since Wall Street crashed the world’s economy, and guess what? They’re as greedy and immoral as ever.

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Photo: Video screen grab/YouTube/Eric Canales.

Bumbling Gun Nut Accidentally Reveals The Dangers Of ‘Open Carry Cardio’ Workouts (VIDEO)

Meet Eric Canales, a gun rights ‘activist’ from Texas and creator of what may be the most dangerous workout craze ever: Open Carry Cardio.

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Photo with Rick Scott: Video screen grab/WPTV.

Gov. Scott’s Dire Shutdown Warnings Prove GOP Will Stop At NOTHING To Block Access To Healthcare (VIDEO)

Fla. Gov. Rick Scott proves the GOP is doomed, as he tries to screw poor people out of health coverage, while balancing his state’s budget.

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Featured image with Lyin' Paul Ryan: Composite | Video screen grabs/Fox | Heartfelt apologies to Alfred E. Neuman/Mad Magazine from Elisabeth Parker.

Watch Paul Ryan Lie Through His Shiny White Teeth To Deny Republicans Gutted Amtrak (VIDEO)

Paul Ryan has the gall to claim our GOP-led Congress really DID vote to fund upgrades for Amtrak that could have prevented the deadly crash.

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Photo: Courtesy of Susan Montgomery via the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Police To #BlackLivesMatter: If You Bring Your Kids To Protests, We Will Mace Them (VIDEOS)

When protesters gathered to protest police brutality, Minneapolis cops sent a strong message by pepper-spraying 10-year-old Taye Montgomery.

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Featured image/composite: Pastor Manning/YouTube screen grab/YouTube | Baltimore Police/Public Domain/VOA | Obama/Public Domain/Official portrait.

Pastor Blames Baltimore Riots On ‘Hamites’ Not Being Ready For A Black President (VIDEO)

Of all the crackpot theories on why people in Baltimore rioted amidst the Freddie Gray protests, Pastor James David Manning’s takes the cake.

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A little girl from Malawi devours a bowl of sorghum porridge from relief workers. Although she appears healthy, child hunger in her early years are likely to permanently stunt her physical and intellectual growth. Photo: ActAlliance.

Alarming Report From Malawi Foresees The GOP’s Plan To Keep America’s Children Hungry

A scary report from Malawi reveals where GOP budget cuts are taking us. 1 in 5 U.S. children are hungry, and their poverty is no accident.

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Featured composite photo with Sean Hannity and Michelle Obama:Video screen grab via NewsHounds/Tuskegee University.

Sean Hannity Calls First Lady A Racist In The Most Racist Way Possible (VIDEO)

Fox’s Sean Hannity watches Michelle Obama’s Tuskegee speech through his white privilege goggles, and can’t understand why she’s so angry and so black.

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Photo: Phil Kidd's Facebook page.

Pastor Brags About God Saving Him From Car Crash, Even Though His Wife Wasn’t So Lucky (VIDEO)

What kind of church leader drives a Jaguar and brags about God saving his suit, his hair, and his $800 pen when his wife got seriously hurt?

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photo with man sleeping / living in office: Hipwee.Com.

Man Reveals He Lived In His Office For 500 Days Because He Couldn’t Afford Rent

Think living in your office is hard to pull off? Try paying rent on an overpriced, crappy studio apartment in Los Angeles.

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Joe Harn, Garland, Texas police spokesman. Photo: Video screen grab/AP.

Garland, Texas, Police Missed Not One, But TWO Warnings Of ISIS Attacks (VIDEO)

The warnings came from fairly reliable sources who’ve got their ears to the ground, yet somehow they either went unseen or were ignored.

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Photo with "sexual predator" incorrectly marked on Tammy Masters' drivers' license: Video screen grab/WFTV.

Bewildered Florida Woman Sues State For Marking ‘Sexual Predator’ On Her Driver’s License (Video)

Tammy Masters couldn’t figure out why she kept getting all these weird looks every time she showed her new Florida driver’s license.

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Image: Composite with Bernie Sanders illustration from DonkeyHotey via Flickr, and vintage photo of screaming woman.

Bernie Sanders On Being A Socialist: ‘That’s Right, What’s Wrong With That?’ (VIDEO)

Nothing terrifies Democrats more than being called a ‘socialist’…But with Bernie Sanders? Bring it on!

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Featured photo: Baltimore police officer Brian Rice's mugshot with screen shot Andrew McAleer's complaint via the Guardian.

Fit For Duty? Freddie Gray Cop Once Threatened To Kill Ex’s Husband And Himself

Baltimore police confiscated Lt. Brian Rice’s guns after he threatened to kill his ex’s husband and himself…And that’s not all.

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Child poverty and the one percent: Sodahead.

Shocking Report: The One Percent’s Greed Is Literally Killing Our Children

As we watch unrest unfold in cities across the U.S., a shocking new report sheds new light on income inequality and child poverty.

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Photo: Public Domain 2009 Magnus Manske/Wikipedia.

Shocking: Chlamydia Rages In High School With No Sex Ed Curriculum (VIDEO)

300 high school kids with raging hormones and a school district that provides no sex ed curriculum. What could possibly go wrong?

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image with the Satanic Temple display and Susan Hemeryck: Dept. of Mgmt Services, Talahassee, Fla. and Leon County Sheriff's Office via WTSP.

Christian ‘Warrior’ Seeks Funds For War Against Satan’s Holiday Displays

Alas for Hemeryck, her fellow so-called ‘Christians’ seem to hate gay weddings a lot more than they hate Satan.

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Featured image: Murdoch Pizgatti/Facebook.

Open Carry Gun Nuts Converge On Dallas To Bring ‘Freedom’ To #FreddieGray Protesters

It’s a good thing those open carry guys showed up for the protests in Dallas. You never know what those marauding mothers might do.

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