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Photo of Bryan Fischer ranting: Video screen grab/Right Wing Watch.

Right-Wing Radio Host Finds Way To Blame McKinney Pool Party On Obama (VIDEO)

Is there NOTHING conservatives won’t blame on President Obama?

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Photo:  Video screen grab/ Democracy Now/HuffPo Live.

Police Murder Yet Another Young Black Man, This Time By Suicide (VIDEO)

In 2010, police locked a 16-year-old boy up in prison without a trial for a crime he says he didn’t commit. Now he’s dead by his own hand.

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Photo with John Waters:Composite/video screen grab via RISD and Nathan Lawson/IMDB.

Best Graduation Advice Ever: ‘Go Out Into The World And F*ck It Up Beautifully’ (VIDEO)

John Waters’ career and life tips for new grads sound crazy–especially numbers six and 12–but do we really need more ‘successful’ people?

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Family photo with Freddie Gray, who was exposed to lead paint as a child: Gray family court filings/Washington Post.

This Black Child Never Had A Chance, And Here’s Another Reason Why (VIDEO)

Guess what? America’s long legacy of racism isn’t just evil, it’s literally toxic.

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Featured image/Composite: Video screen grab/WTVR | Scared "gerrymander"/Pixabay | Gavel/ImgKid.

Federal Judges Throw Out Virginia GOP’s Totally-Not-Racist ‘Redistricting’ Map (VIDEO)

How can Republicans get elected when most of us won’t vote for them? Redistricting! But here’s one thing they can’t get away with.

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Featured image: Video screen grab/RT.Com.

If We’re At War With ISIS, Why Are We Supplying Their Weapons? (VIDEO)

We’ve accidentally furnished ISIS with at least $219.7 million in weapons, vehicles and other military supplies and gear…So now what?

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Photo: Joey Salads/Roofie Experiment/YouTube.

This Man Just Dropped A Roofie In Her Drink…And She Thanked Him For It (VIDEO)

This man goes around from bar to bar dropping roofies — ‘date rape drugs’ — into women’s drinks. So why are they THANKING him?

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Featured image: Unknown/IMGUR.

New Survey Reveals: Capitalism Has Failed Us, And Americans From Both Parties Know It (VIDEO)

Surprise! A huge majority of Americans – even Republicans – think income inequality is a HUGE problem, and want the government to help fix it.

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Grand Canyon photo: cc 2012 Dietmar Rabbich/Wikimedia Commons (with embellisments).

U.S. Forest Service Poised To Approve Massive Development Project On Edge Of Grand Canyon (VIDEO)

This Grand Canyon fiasco is the height of corporate arrogance: Buy land you shouldn’t build on, and wear everyone down until you get your way.

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Bernie Sanders image/Composite: cc 2015 AFGE/Flickr and cc 2009 jnn13/Wikimedia Commons.

10 ‘Radical’ Ideas From Bernie Sanders: Guess Which Ones Most Americans Agree On?

Still think Bernie Sanders is a fringe candidate? A huge majority of us agree with him on 10 major issues. Numbers 6 and 8 may surprise you.

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Photo with Daniel Puff getting evicted from from a three quarter house in New York City:Video screen grab/New York Times.

Greed Turns Privately Run Homes For Recovering Addicts Into Rat-Infested Drug Dens (VIDEO)

Instead of providing a safe place for recovering addicts to build a new life, these corrupt monsters let them live in filth and rot, profitting from misery.

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Featured image with women in the U.S. Army's elite Ranger School:

US Army Finally Admits Women To Elite Ranger School, Then Fails All 20 (VIDEO)

It’s not these badass women demanding gender-neutral standards for the U.S. Army’s Ranger School, it’s the men who’ve fought beside them.

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Image: cc 2006 Latvian/Flickr.

W.Va. Lawsuit Claims Evolution Is A ‘Religion’ That Violates Students’ Freedumbs (VIDEO)

Here’s a new twist on the religion and education debate: Can teaching evolution jeopardize a child’s future career as a veterinarian?

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Photo: Composite: Megyn Kelly cc 2012 Mat Gagnon | Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar cc 2006/Wikipedia.

If Fox’s Interview With Duggars Takes 6 Minutes, That’ll Double Its Scandal Coverage (VIDEOS)

If the Duggars ever hope to be “forgiven” and get their show back on the air, Fox’s Megan Kelly is the perfect woman for the job.

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Featured image/Composite:  Felix Kiprono Matagei/Facebook | Malia Obama/Public Domain 2015 Pete Souza/Wikimedia Commons | Cows/cc 2013 Mat Fascione/Geograph | Sheep/cc 2008 Rossagrapher/Geograph.

Ardent Suitor Offers 50 Cows, 70 Sheep, And 30 Goats For Malia Obama’s Hand In Marriage (VIDEO)

Busy 16-year-old Malia Obama may not have time for dating, but that doesn’t mean she lacks for suitors.

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Photo: Video screen grab/"Elephant in the Womb - Animal Development"/Naked Science.

W. VA GOP Set To Waste More Taxpayer Dollars Defending Unconstitutional Abortion Law (VIDEO)

If the GOP’s all about cost-cutting and small government, why do they keep passing unconstitutional laws bound to face legal challenges?

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Brendan Keefe, investigative reporter, escorted from ALEC event with Georgia lawmakers. Photo: Video screen grab/WXIA.

Police ILLEGALLY ‘Escort’ Reporter From Secretive Right-Wing Lobbyist-Lawmaker Schmoozefest (VIDEO)

‘We can’t show you what’s behind this closed door,’ an investigative reporter explains. What do ALEC and these lawmakers have to hide?

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Photo with Bruce Bartlett and Brian Stelter on CNN: Photo: Composite with screen grab/CNN, soap bubbles/ImgBuddy, Brain _DJ_/Flickr, TV/Pixabay.

Top Reagan Staffer: Fox Is A ‘Self-Brainwashing Bubble’ That’s Destroying The GOP (VIDEO)

We know Fox creates a ‘self-brainwashing bubble’ for fact-averse GOPers…But Bruce Bartlett’s the last person we’d expect to say it.

by Elisabeth Parker· · News
Featured photo with Sean O'Brien, the Dancing Man, and Meghan Trainor on the Today Show.: Video screen grab/Today.

Fat-Shaming Bullies Skulk In Silence While Hollywood Throws ‘Dancing Man’ The Best Party Ever (VIDEO)

Cyberbullies made Sean O’Brien’s life a nightmare, just for dancing and having fun while fat. This time, the victim got the last laugh.

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Photo with racist receipt from Huck Finn's restaurant in New Orleans, La.: Gaynielle H. Neville/Facebook.

Black Business Woman Orders Catfish, Gets Heaping Helping Of Racism (VIDEO, IMAGES)

Seriously, it’s not every day that a black person eats at a restaurant and receives a racist message with their bill. Oh wait, yes it is.

by Elisabeth Parker· · News