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But Perry seems to thrive on political wrong turns. And who knows? Maybe his knack for going bassackward will catapult him into the 2016 presidential election. Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

Rick Perry Uses Failed Lehmberg Coup To Slingshot Himself Toward White House (VIDEO)

Rick Perry is not guilty…at least in his own befuddled mind. And the worse it gets, the more he seems to thrive. The court has indicted the guy for trying to coerce Travis County DA Rosemary Lehmberg out of office. And he has the cojones to defend his actions against […]

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The beheading video may have been faked, but our response to save captives was not. “Several dozen of the most elite U.S. Commandos from Delta Force and Navy SEAL Team 6 flew in helicopters.” Public Domain

Experts Say British Jihadist In Video Isn’t The One Who Actually Beheaded David Foley

Yes, Foley is dead. It is just that experts think the Briton didn’t do it.

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Police arrested Giuliani then handcuffed her at the E. 86th Street and Lexinton Avenue branch of the Sephora skincare and makeup store on the “tony East Side of Manhattan." Photo Credit: McConners,

NYC Mayor’s Shoplifter Kid Sentenced To Clean Toilets, Black St. Louis Guys Got Death

  OMG. She was in an “emotionally crazy” state and depressed, because she broke up with her boyfriend. Well that explains it. No wonder Caroline Giuliani had to lift those cosmetics in an upscale cosmetics store. Police arrested Giuliani her at the E. 86th Street and Lexinton Avenue branch of the Sephora […]

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We can’t let people just come into our community, whether they are law enforcement or not, and just gun our people down and there is no accountability.”

Black Panther-Inspired Dallas Gun Club Invokes Right To Open Carry (IMAGES)

Black men with semi-automatic rifles slung casually over one shoulder walking around the movie theaters. Black women in restaurants with their guns on the table between them. What in hell is going on? Have black people, finally tired of being on the receiving end of the bullets, risen up? Are […]

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Officer Wilson Says Michael Brown Punched Him, Fears For His Life (VIDEOS)

Officer Wilson Says Michael Brown Punched Him, Fears For His Life (VIDEOS)

Officer Wilson says that Michael Brown did punch him. And now he fears for his life. The policeman who killed Michael Brown “can’t go out.” And he is complaining about the limitations of 24-hour protection. Tough life. At least he can bitch and moan–unlike Brown. Darren Wilson [28] texted his […]

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The Jihadists Are Terrified Of The Women Soldiers.

Real Women Super Heroes Chase Down Terrified Islamic State Killers (IMAGES)

Oh wow! These real women super heroes don’t mess around. The heavily-armed women are hot on the trail of Islamic State [IS] guys, formerly known as ISIS. And the killers are quaking in their sandals, because if a woman kills a jihadist man in battle, he does not get their Heaven ticket […]

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"Unfortunately they are amongst some of the most vicious and vociferous fighters who are out there. That is unfortunately just a part of their radicalisation."

Radicalized British Man Beheads American Journalist James Foley

  A British man is wearing the black Islamic garb of the militant ISIS fighters, his face masked. He stands alone in stark outline against the desert sands of Syria next to a kneeling James Foley, the kidnapped American journalist. Foley is wear a bright orange jumpsuit and awaits what he […]

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A police officer runs up to a video journalist and shouts,
"Get the fuck out of here ... or you're getting shot with this."

Ferguson Police Threaten, Restrain and Arrest Journalists, Is This A New Police State?

No. This cannot be happening. Journalists are like the Red Cross. We are the untouchables during violence. We walk right up to the volcano of war and peer inside. The word “PRESS” gives us a free pass in Afghanistan, Iraq, Ukraine, Beirut, Sudan, Somalia, the Democratic Republic of Congo and […]

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Big boys have big toys. That may not be the only reason the situation in Ferguson went south so quickly. Exactly why did the police respond with so much more force than necessary?

Police In #Ferguson Used Training From The Israeli Government (VIDEO)

OMG. Will the Ferguson police ever stop? Who would have ever imagined that Israeli-trained law enforcement forces were in Ferguson! No wonder the people felt like Israel had invaded their city. It had! One degree removed. Do we really understand what has happened? Rania Khalek reports, “The people of Ferguson have […]

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“Arresting this man and making him accountable for his actions; that’s justice.”

Murdered Michael Brown’s Mother Must Have Justice

Very, very troubling. The words encircle Michael Brown’s mother, the mother of an unarmed son shot and killed by a police officer in broad daylight in a little suburb of St. Louis, Ferguson. Very troubling. Today this mother had no quiet place to grieve with family and friends during one […]

“I would just get on top of them and pull my pants down.”

Morgue Attendant Had Sex With Nearly 100 Dead Women

Oh gross. Karen Range was only 19 when someone raped and murdered her. And then Douglas raped her, too, leaving his semen inside her corpse. Twenty-three-year-old Charlene Appling was six months pregnant when a man murdered and strangled her. Already a victim, Kenneth Douglas, a morgue attendant attacked her again. He raped her […]

Yet here was General Majid, an Iraqi Arab himself, who was taking off from his own job — he was in charge of training for the Iraqi air force — to help these people.

“He told me it was the most important thing he had done in his life, the most significant thing he had done in his 35 years of flying.”

Woman Journalist In Lethal War Zone Helicopter Crash Then Reports From Her Hospital Bed

As we enter an aircraft, there is always that nagging feeling of defying gravity and a quasi-prayer we will survive just one more time. The feeling comes back as we accelerate, when we hit a rough pocket of air and when we make our descent. As we deplane, we mumble […]

“There is no evidence that Hartfield has suffered any anxiety relating to his pretrial detention."

Black Man Still Locked Up 34 Years After Sentence Commuted In Texas

Is it alright for a man to languish in jail for 34 years without being convicted? Clearly the answer is “no.” We all have the right to a speedy trial. Correct? Unfortunately that is wrong – at least for Jerry Hartfield. Only in Texas. And only to a black man. […]

He should have waited for the ambulance to come to him. On the way to the hospital, this unlucky father crashed his car into a barricade. The accident damaged the front end of the car. Both neither occupant sustained additional injuries.

Cop Hears “Burglar,” Shoots Daughter Then Crashes Car On Way To Hospital

It’s that sound no one wants to hear in the night’s darkest hour. An unfamiliar sound has awakened you. For a few seconds you try to place that noise, hope desperately that you misheard, that you can click off your own auto-alert and just go back to sleep. But no! […]

"While we all respect the solemn responsibility of our law enforcement officers to protect the public, we must also safeguard the rights of Missourians to peaceably assemble and the rights of the press to report on matters of public concern.”

Vice-President Want-To-Be, Gov. Nixon Stunned In National Ferguson Spotlight (IMAGES)

  Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon looked like he was trying to ice-skate on both sides of the fence during his Thursday press conference. What happened to the decisive guy who was such a state CEO when a tornado took out a big chunk of Joplin, Mo.? After all he is […]

Potent Hashtag #IfTheyGunnedMeDown Points To Media Manipulating Black Images (IMAGES)

Potent Hashtag #IfTheyGunnedMeDown Points To Media Manipulating Black Images (IMAGES)

A potent Twitter hashtag goes directly to the heart of the way media shows “black victims of crime” by the images chosen. And this has produced a flood of tweets. This all started after Michael Brown, an unarmed teenager, was shot over and over by a police officer in a […]

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Zelda and her dad, Robin Williams.

Ugly Messages Force Robin Williams’ daughter, Zelda, Off Of Social Media

Ugly messages on Twitter and Instagram have flooded Robin Williams’ daughter, Zelda Williams‘ life. It is enough to deal with the sudden death of a parent, especially one lost to suicide. The barrage of negative words pushed Zelda (25) off of the social media.  Robin also has two sons Zachary (31) […]

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Castro says the U.S. “empire” is complicit in Israel’s invasion of the Gaza Strip, comparing it to the “Nazi genocide of Jews.” And he wonders where the outcry is. He believes that the world will not let this “macabre genocide” and “shameful massacre” pass unnoticed.

Cuba’s Fidel Castro Blames “United States Empire” For Palestinian Holocaust In Gaza

The world according to Fidel Castro. I have often wondered what the world would look like from the eyes of Fidel Castro. And now I have my chance. He wrote a column, “A Repugnant New Form Of Fascism The Palestinian Holocaust In Gaza” for the Granma, a Cuban online publication. […]

“This happened in front of my apartment in St. Louis…He was shot in the chest twice by a cop that was shooting from his vehicle. The young man then threw his arms in the air & said please don’t do this repeatedly until he was shot in the head then the cop stood over him & emptied the clip on him…Lord please help us”

Surge Of Anger And Tweets Follow Unarmed Teen Shooting By Police (IMAGES)

“Don’t shoot us!” cried young black people, their hands held high in a symbolic gesture, after police killed Michael Brown, an unarmed 18-year-old teenager. The shooting occurred on August 9, 2014 in Ferguson, Mo., a suburb of St. Louis. Witnesses said that they saw Brown fleeing with his arms raised […]

The city of Sinjar fell swiftly to the ISIL.  Over 40,000 religious minority (Yazidi) fled to a mountain top for security. U.S. air-dropped food and water to them, but there is still not enough.

Desperate Kurds Plead For Weaponry. Obama Sends Them Hope. (Warning, Explicit VIDEO)

The Kurds have been pleading with the Obama administration for weapons. But the Obama group has stood virtually silent as a stone. In spite of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki breaking his written promise to give some of the weapons to the Kurds, Baghdad still appears be the only approved conduit […]

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