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Should This Whistle Blower Be Fired?

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NYC Whistle Blower Fired For Telling The Truth

An NYC city worker can be young, but he cannot say the Police Commissioner is lying. The city analyist, Artyom Matusov [30] was fired after he he told reporters that the Commissioner Bill Bratton lied about whether or not cops used too much force during arrests. Now Matusov who made […]

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Do You Think Supreme Court Justice Scalia Is The Most Conservative Justice?
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Justices Scalia And Thomas Might Be Impeached After Democrats Introduce Bill (PART 2)

    Justice Roberts is adamant that the justices can police themselves, in spite of evidence to the contrary. And, “Without buy-in from Roberts, any attempt, even by Congress, to require the justices to give themselves a written code of ethics is probably a tough sell. The new bill, if […]

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Would You Ever Consider Having An Abortion? If Not, Why?
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New Missouri Abortion Law: Think About Your Choice For Three Days

Unbelievable. Missouri forces women seeking an abortion to wait 72 hours before they can have an abortion. And it doesn’t matter if she was raped or a victim of incest. Now women living in this state have to live with “one of the nation’s most stringent waiting periods.” This makes […]

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Do You Think Supreme Court Justice Scalia Is The Most Conservative Justice?
Photo Credit: Steve Petteway, Staff Photographer of the Supreme Court

Justices Scalia And Thomas Might Be Impeached After Democrats Introduce Bill

                        Democrat lawmakers have proposed a law to hold the Supreme Court justices to a Code of Conduct, because the Supreme Court Justices have done a rotten job of policing themselves. Federal law requires that, “A justice, judge, or magistrate […]

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Both women said when they turned around after hearing the shot, they saw the boy had an injury to his foot, and his father had a hole in his pants pocket.
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2-Year-Old Discharges Gun In Wendy’s. What Should Bystanders Do?

Oh great. Now they are shooting 2-year-olds in fast food restaurants. That doesn’t exactly make for a “happy meal.” A Clay County, Fla., Sheriff’s Deputy’s personal handgun “accidentally discharged” striking his toddler son in the foot by a shattered bullet fragment. They got Grandpa, too, along with a couple of […]

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“I would challenge you to find very many politicians in America willing to share that level of personal pain with voters. I think it takes a special brand of guts and bravery to do it at all.”
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What A Woman! See What Makes Texas Governor Candidate Wendy Davis Special

What a woman! This Texas state senator is running as a far better replacement of Gov. Rick Perry. For one thing Wendy Davis [D] can remember more than two [out of three] points. She is the woman who spent 13 hours to filibuster a bill to shut down Texas health care clinics. […]

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“Regardless of whether or not this report is accurate, it’s not beyond the realm of possibility for ISIS terrorists to be working with Mexican drug cartels to gain entrance to the United States and carry out a massive 9/11 style attack on our soil.”
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Conservatives Expect Islamic State Terrorist Attack In U.S. Here Is Why.

OMG. ISIS is coming! ISIS is coming! A tsunami of violent gangs or drug cartels are flooding over our southern border! ISIS aka ISIL aka the Islamic State [IS] is only eight miles from El Paso, Texas, and this terror group is growing in strength and directly threatening to attack […]

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“Roberts has the fight of his life on his hands. And if you were going to cast a vote right now, you’d be talking about Kansas sending, I believe, our first independent to Congress. This is huge.” 
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This Red State Appears To Be Turning Blue: Here Is The Reason

Can you believe it? My Kansas is the happening spot for national politics. In a stunning move, Chad Taylor (D) dropped out of the race leaving independent candidate Greg Orman wide open to make a damaging run against battle-weary incumbant U.S. Sen. Pat Roberts (R). We Kansans are an independent […]

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“[his] proponents pluck out statistics to show that the grand experiment is right on schedule. But early numbers show little evidence that the policy has created jobs — and worries about a looming state budget shortfall could cost Brownback his job come November.”
Photo Credit: VictoryNH: Protect Our Primary, Senator Brownback in Manchester Senator Brownback Proudly Displaying His Protect Our Primary Sticker

This Republican’s Job Growth Claims Are Bull-Sh#t

I live in Brownbackistan, formerly known as Kansas. We are literally the heart of the country, its true center. And Kansas U.S. Senator, Sam Brownback developed a career path from his family farm to the oval office. All he had to do was turn Kansas into The United States of […]

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With about a 1,000 border patrol agents here in Santa Cruz County… they're going to get in the way and they could get hurt. Or they could hurt somebody else."
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Pretend Border Militia Capture Bat-Counting Scientists

Goons with guns duded up in military fatigues were joy-riding on ATVs when they halted three bat counters near Sonoita, Az. No really. The scientists were doing genuine research when a bunch of self-appointed border militia stumbled across them. Apparently these untrained gunmen cannot tell the difference between trained researchers and undocumented […]

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“She was funny and you just wanted to be around her. I looked up to her. I learned from her. 
I loved her. I liked her. And I already miss her very much."
Underbelly Limited, l1010350, Joan Rivers opens the E4 
Udderbelly Southbank festival programme, May 27, 2009

Can You Believe It? Celebrities Reveal Joan Rivers’ Private Life

Joan Rivers language might have been blue, but her heart was solid gold. Medics rushed Rivers (81) to The Mount Sinai Hospital after she went into cardiac and respiratory arrest at Yorkville Endoscopy Center. The comedian spent a harrowing week in and out of  “intensive care treatment.” Then her daughter, […]

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“It is plainly unconstitutional to require a female inmate to expose herself, particularly to the extreme degree required during a strip search, in the presence of a male officer. [Assuming] the male officer doing the videotaping was able somehow to avert his eyes while using the camera.” 
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Male Guard Videotaping Female Strip Search Can’t Look, Federal Judge Rules 4th Amendment Violation

  The woman stands nude before an anonymous man who is holding a video camera. Why? She has committed the “horrible” crime of being suicidal or needing protective custody or merely breaking a rule. Every one of the women at this all-female prison, in Western Massachusetts, Regional Women’s Correctional Center, who […]

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“He’s not doing very well,” the nurse said…And indeed he was not doing well. Rigor mortis had already set in, meaning the elderly resident had been dead for hours. 
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Beloved Grandma Falls 11 Times In A Medicare 5-Star Rated Nursing Home (VIDEO)

In the middle of the night, at its loneliest hour no one really knows what happens to the hundreds of thousands of people who live in nursing homes. People who must depend upon others for all of their needs like helping them get to the bathroom or move from an […]

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Snoop Dogg's Todd says he enjoys,
"Crocheting, paintball and spoken word poetry."
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Snoop Dogg Turns Himself Into A White Man. But Why? (VIDEO)

Snoop Dogg and I have something in common. We both know someone named “Todd.” But the Todd I knew was in my 6th grade class. I remember where he sat in the alphabetically ordered room. But I can’t remember his last name. And I have no idea what happened to […]

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Soldiers dash between buildings, rifles at the ready, tear gas seeping over the children, “suffocating plumes of tear gas smoke." 
Photo Credit: International Solidarity Movement

Little Children Run For Their Lives From Soldiers Armed With Tear Gas  (VIDEO)

Imagine what it would be like for little kids who live with attacks from soldiers who hunt them as easily as some hunt rats at the junk yard. That is the life of these little ones. The school year has begun and your six-year-old is off to school. He is […]

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ISIS captures air base and soldiers. Release video of execution. This undated image posted Wednesday, Aug. 27, 2014 by the Raqqa Media Center of the Islamic State group, a Syrian opposition group, which has been verified and is consistent with other AP reporting, shows Abu Moussa al-Ansari, a fighter from the Islamic State group, who they say was killed in the battle for the Tabqa air base, in Raqqa, Syria. A U.N. commission on Wednesday accused the extremist Islamic State organization of committing crimes against humanity with attacks on civilians, as pictures emerged of the extremists' bloody takeover of a Syrian military air base that added to the international organization’s claims. (AP Photo/ Raqqa Media Center of the Islamic State group)

WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES — ISIS Releases Horrifying Video Executing 250 Captured Syrian Soldiers (VIDEO) (IMAGES)

ISIS released a terrifying video of the terrorists marching 250 Syrians soldiers hostages then executing them. Reuters confirmed the authenticity of the video through an ISIS fighter. It has not been verified independently. The fighter said, “Yes, we have executed them all.” ISIS supporters have issued a statement and posted […]

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When there’s less worry about money, fewer people will get divorces, the number of battered women will go down and the kids will do better in school. Thanks a lot, Obama.
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Top 10 Things About Money To Blame On President Obama

OMG! You won’t believe what President Obama has done now. Everything these days is the president’s fault. So let me show you his top 10 economy faults.  The deficit dropped 70 percent from President Obama’s first year in office. That means the deficit hawks who have been poo-ing all over […]

Paul's man, Benton, met Bachman’s man in a bathroom of an Iowa restaurant. And Benton handed the turncoat a check for $25,000. 
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Ron Paul Got Caught Bribing And Stealing Michele Bachmann’s Presidential Campaign Co-Chair

  Woah. Representative Ron Paul (R-Texas) stole Representative Michele Bachmann’s (R-Minn.) co-chair of her presidential campaign six days before the 2012 Iowa Caucus. Paul bought and paid for the guy? Yes. And wasn’t that rude! It is a wonderful story of intrigue and drama. So what how much did Kent […]

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Homer and I think Matt Damon’s ALS challenge is the best so far, hands down. Damon’s big into conserving water, so he used cold toilet water instead of the pure H2O. It was disgusting. It was great!


Homer Simpson Talks To Me About Doing The ALS Bucket Challenge (VIDEO)

Homer, Homer. Of course your buds challenged you to get the freezing ALS ice bucket drenching. So you challenged Flanders, Lenny and Flanders again. I’m not sure if that means Flanders has to do it twice, but I think so. (Homer says, “Yes”) Then Homer threw in Donald Trump just […]

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Both political parties can find common ground. It may be around the importance of service dogs or simply a love of dogs. We may agree about supporting wounded veterans and their needs or families who have a child with Down Syndrome. Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

Sarah Palin Gets Her Son A Fantastic Dog, It Is Neither Republican Nor Democrat (VIDEO)

Well it’s official. It seems there is a new member in the Palin household who touches the hearts of Democrats and Republicans alike. Her name is Jill Hadassah, and she is a service dog. This beautiful black girl’s job is to assist Trig, Palin’s youngest child. Palin and her family […]

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