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D.C. Diner Serves Up ‘The Trump Sandwich’ And It’s Filled With Exactly What You’d Expect (VIDEO)

The diner owner said he wanted to make the sandwich large enough to fit Donald Trump’s “big mouth.” It could have even been made slightly larger, honestly. But, it will do.

by Elizabeth· · Political Humor
Image via Twitter/GovMikeHuckabee

Mike Huckabee: Planned Parenthood And Abortion Prevent God From Blessing America (VIDEO)

Conservatives love to cling to the Constitution like they cling to their guns. Except, they forget the part that it is based upon natural rights, not the divinity of kings. Huckabee seemed to mix that up in Iowa.

by Elizabeth· · Current Issues, News
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NYPD Union Disgustingly Shames Homeless In Protest Of Police Reform Proposals (IMAGES)

NYPD Sergeants Benevolent Association is throwing a temper tantrum because bills have been proposed to crack down on police brutality. So, they are cyberbullying the homeless.

Images via local news video screen captures

‘Christian’ Slumlord Leaves Poor People Living With Rats — Collects Millions From Government

Fancy to guess how much money he transferred from the low-income housing non-profit to his religious missionary non-profit? Yeah, it was a lot.

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Images via Twitter/Hillary Clinton

Jeb Bush And Hillary Clinton Troll Each Other On Twitter Over College Tuition Plan (TWEETS)

The Twitter trolling is funny – but the plan sounds promising!

by Elizabeth· · News
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Free Press? St. Louis County Charges Reporters With Crimes One Year After Arrests In Ferguson

Reporters charged with a crime for doing their jobs? How does that happen in the United States of America?

by Elizabeth· · Current Issues, News
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Anonymous Tip About This Officer’s Actions Sparks A Texas Community To Organize (VIDEO)

A GoFundMe page has been set up for the family.

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Rand Paul Came Off Fairly Sane During GOP Debate – Let’s Not Forget Who He Really Is (VIDEOS)

It’s sad that Rand Paul came off as being mostly reasonable during the first GOP debate. Perhaps that just shows the level of extremism within the current republican party.

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This May Be The End For The Daily Show With Jon Stewart But The Set Will Live On (VIDEO)

Something really cool is happening with the set from ‘The Daily Show with Jon Stewart’ after the final show.

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Arby’s Joins The #JonVoyage With Two Colossal Ads (VIDEOS)

There is nothing “meat”-iocre about this. #JonVoyage

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Idaho ‘Ag-Gag’ Law Struck Down — Sorry Cow F*ckers, You Will Be Recorded

After state lawmakers attempted to protect big ag with laws criminalizing free speech, a federal judge threw a wrench in their plan.

by Elizabeth· · Current Issues, News
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Liars Behind Planned Parenthood Videos Linked To Antiabortionist Terror Group (VIDEO)

These ties really aren’t that surprising – just more sensationalism from a group that exists on extremist tactics.

Jerk Cop Punishes Disabled Children By Shackling Them At School (VIDEO)

Jerk Cop Punishes Disabled Children By Shackling Them At School (VIDEO)

It is stated in the lawsuit that the cop was holding a 9-year-old girl’s handcuffed arms over her head, while she was kneeling – a “pain compliance technique that is dangerous for children.”

37 Reasons Why Women Don’t Report Rape – A List For Bill Cosby’s Attorney (VIDEO)

37 Reasons Why Women Don’t Report Rape – A List For Bill Cosby’s Attorney (VIDEO)

Bill Cosby’s attorney Monique Pressley provided us with a perfect example of victim blaming, while claiming she wasn’t victim blaming.

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Here Are Just A Few Of The Medical Advances Made Possible By Fetal Tissue Donation

These are some very real developments that improved society through using tissue that would have otherwise been considered medical waste and discarded.

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Jericho, Cecil The Lion’s Brother, Said To Be Killed In Illegal Hunt May Actually Be Alive And Well

There are conflicting reports about Cecil the lion’s brother. However, one thing is certain – too many animals are being slaughtered in these hunts.

Image via video screen capture

RWNJ Says Liberals Hate Christians ‘As Much As The Nazis Hated The Jews’ (VIDEO)

He also has an interesting theory about weather patterns. And, if you’re going to listen to anyone about such matters – it should be this guy.

Coleen Sheran Singer via Bangor Daily News

Drug Addicts: Patients Or Criminals? This Obituary Has A Lot Of People Talking

This woman’s ex-husband wrote a very honest obituary as a tribute to her and it’s getting quite a bit of attention.

Image via YouTube screen capture

Pat Robertson: U.S. Should Be More Like Kenya, Obama Should Listen To Their ‘Truth And Wisdom’ (VIDEO)

Old Patty Boy can hardly contain his delight with the criminalization of homosexuality in Kenya.

by Elizabeth· · Current Issues, News
Image via Flickr/Wake Forest University School of Law

Anti-Choice Liar Behind Planned Parenthood Video Claims RGB Said PP Wants To ‘Exterminate People’ (AUDIO)

This isn’t surprising. Most of us know by now that the anti-choice crowd has no problem relying on lies to perpetuate their war on women.