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Kentucky Sheriff’s Deputy Accidentally Shoots His Mother In Church

Off-duty law enforcement officers are allowed to carry concealed weapons, virtually anywhere at any time, regardless of state and local laws. Feel safer now?

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New York’s Mayor de Blasio Hits The Road To Push The Nation Left, But Does He Want More?

Suddenly, interesting options are multiplying.

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#Talkpay Lights Up Twitter On May Day, Takes On Pay Inequality (TWEETS)

Openness about what we earn can end inequality.

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GOP Seriously Needs To Fire Up A Blunt, Chill, And Let Suffering Vets Do The Same

Freedom of speech between physicians and veterans? Nah! The GOP thinks not.

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Man From One Underpaid Profession Inspires $3,000 Tip For Woman From Another (VIDEO)

Who needs Sheldon Adelson and the Koch brothers? People of modest means, helping one another, have the power to change the world.

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Ted Cruz Opens His Mouth At The Hispanic Chamber Of Commerce And Idiocy Falls Out

What’s the opposite of ‘pearls before swine’? Ted Cruz’s speech-making.

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WND (WingNutDaily) Tries To Incite Hysteria With Claim That ISIS Is Recruiting In Baltimore

The only recruitment going on is the right-wing nuts calling out to each other.

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg Shreds Opponent Of Same-Sex Marriage In Court

The Notorious R.B.G. strikes again!

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WTF? Baltimore Police Beat And Arrest Reporters During Protests (VIDEO)

Freedom of the press and the Baltimore police apparently don’t mix, as reporters on the scene can testify.

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Life And Elections Are Uncertain, So Who Do Democrats Have For Backup?

Having all your eggs in one basket is a mighty perilous position to be in.

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As Loretta Lynch Makes History, The Knuckle-Dragging GOP Displays Their Special Kind Of Stupid

The contrast between Loretta Lynch’s professional reputation and that of the idiots who’ve held her hostage is pretty stark.

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‘Rosie The Riveter’ Model Dies At 92, Iconic Image Lives On

Rosie the Riveter is immortal. What does her image mean to you?

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1000s Of Balloons Will Bring The Internet To The Far Corners Of The Earth (VIDEOS)

Will universal access to all the knowledge in the world revolutionize the way most people live?

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Michele Bachman’s Replacement Isn’t Falling In Line With The Tea Party And Boy, Are They Mad

Tea Party heads explode in what might be a preview of things to come!

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Snubbed Girl With Genetic Disorder Gets An Amazing Birthday Party From 300 Strangers (VIDEO)

Kindness and compassion are always in order. Parents have to show it, in order for kids to learn it.

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Victim’s Parents Issue Plea: No Death Penalty For Boston Bomber

How could anyone turn a deaf ear to this impassioned plea?

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8th Grade Feminist Is The Winner In Dispute With Narrow-Minded School Officials

This girl is so savvy about feminism. Let’s help her pass it on.

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Nebraska Conservatives Battle One Another Over Repeal Of Death Penalty

If only all conservatives were like this coalition in Nebraska, the country could get moving again.

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That Plan For The Bible To Become Tennessee’s State Book: Derailed

The state senate might have stopped the bill for wing-nut reasons, but at least they stopped it.

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Ted Cruz’s Crazy Cuban Father Preaches That Diversity Is Un-American (VIDEO)

Just what America has always needed : A Cuban immigrant to explain the evils of diversity.

by Deborah Montesano· · News, Political Rants