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Welfare, Keeping America’s Nobility Safe

The United States welfare system is a system managed and implemented by the government to ensure economic stability for an individual or a family.

by Darron· · Political Rants

The Corporate Chicken or the Egg?

Where should the Government put the focus? As Americans we pay taxes to the federal, state, and local governments. This revenue is meant to support the Government so it can continue to meet its obligations; which include national defense, parks, airports, shipping ports, transportation, education, etc.

by Darron· · Discredited Right-Wing Myths
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Is The GOP Right on Household Economics?

Household Economics; right-winged candidates enjoy and often pledge to implement this economic ideology in the offices that they hold. The practice of tightening your belt when times are rough, and doing the opposite when money is in abundance; household economics sounds great to the right–winged base in this country.