About Us

Addicting InfoAddicting Info started as a resource to discredit all the lies and propaganda that the right-wing spreads. When I undertook the project I thought I would probably have about 100 different articles about a number of different myths, and people could sort through them at will. Eventually that expanded to news and other info, and I quickly realized the DAUNTING task of actually trying to discredit EVERY right-wing myth that is in existence, especially with the constant creation of new ones.

Now, I look for people who seem to have a similar goal in mind, whether they have realized it or not, and recruit them to join Addicting Info’s team. I’m very pleased to say that we’ve assembled an incredible team of writers. We provides a blend of news that interests liberals along with research intensive articles about issues which liberals care about.

A lot of you have asked for more information about the writing staff of Addicting Info, so we will be posting it soon. If you’re a writer and would like to contribute to our site, please contact us at [email protected] and send links to any current blogs you are writing or any political fan pages you manage through facebook. Unlike many other political news sites, we pay our writers, based on article views. 

Thanks for your interest in our site!

Join us on our journey to reignite the American dream and beat back the cloud of indifference that plagues our electorate. Any donation you can provide will be greatly appreciated and put to good use.

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