Jacob Wohl Tries To Stage A Fake Protest Against Himself, But He Immediately Goes Down In Flames

Conservative activist clowns Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman have pulled quite a few stunts but they always end up being spectacular self-owns. The dashing duo said that they were going to hold a press conference on Wednesday to prove that they did not fabricate an allegation of sexual assault against 2020 Democratic candidate, and Mayor of South Bend, Pete Buttigieg.

The smear campaign against Buttigieg previously backfired when they tried to recruit gay conservative men to make false #MeToo allegations against Buttigieg. One of the men, a Trump supporter, denied the stories, and Burkman and Wohl apparently set up false Internet accounts using the young man’s name. Today is no different because they’re at it again as Burkman took to Twitter to warn against “leftist protesters” who are planning to ambush their press conference.

“Hundreds of leftist protestors are set to descend on our Wednesday Press conference,” Burkman tweeted.

“We WILL NOT surrender to the mob! We’ve called in extra security to guard our safety and that of our partners in the media,” he added.

Oooo, sounds scary! Except that the event page links back to Jacob Wohl’s email address.

Twitter users LOL’d.

Burkman previously held a press conference set up to smear special counsel Robert Mueller, but the conservative activist’s zipper was down.

Eventbrite ended up deleting the duo’s page, telling Mediaite that “the activity associated with this account constituted a violation of our policy around inauthentic content.”

So, the two geniuses tried to stake a fake protest against themselves in order to feign relevance while smearing Mayor Pete. As The Daily Beast notes, before Burkman tweeted about the fake protest, no other Twitter account had promoted the event page. It’s almost as if these two guys just aren’t very bright.

Image via screen capture.