Trump Unleashes Morning Tweetstorm In A Panic Over Leaks From Mueller’s Team

According to The Washington Post, Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team prepared each section of the report with its own summary, with the belief each would be made available to the public, a U.S. official said. Investigators with Mueller’s team are not pleased with Attorney General William Barr after he only released a brief cherry-picked summary of the highly anticipated report. Following Barr’s summary, Trump falsely declared himself to be “exonerated” even though Mueller said in his report that it doesn’t exonerate the president from obstruction of justice. Mueller’s team has been leak-proof for over two years now, but apparently, Barr’s actions have changed that.

“There was immediate displeasure from the team when they saw how the attorney general had characterized their work instead,” the official told the Post, and added that Mueller’s office prepared their summaries in “a way that minimum redactions, if any, would have been necessary, and the work would have spoken for itself.” Mueller’s investigators found obstruction of justice evidence to be “alarming and significant,”

That seems to have set Trump off this morning as he launched another tweetstorm.

But first, he changed the GOP’s slogan from the “party of health care” to the “party of the American dream.”

Then, Trump tried to put a spin on the economy even though signs are pointing to it slowing down.

Then, of course, he called the Russia probe a ‘witch hunt.’

Democrats want to see the Mueller report. In fact, Trump previously said that everyone should be able to see it but now he’s quickly backpedaling.

We don’t know what polling Trump is referring to because even most Republicans want the full report released. Trump is panicking over the report, obviously, and according to the leak, his nervousness is warranted.

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