Republicans Attempt To Intimidate Former RNC Deputy Finance Chair Into Silence

On February 27, 2019, acting president Donald Trump’s former attorney and ‘fixer,’ Michael Cohen testified before the US Congress. During the lengthy hearing, members of the GOP Congress repeatedly and ruthlessly lashed out at Cohen, motivated, supposedly, by their blind and uncompromising loyalty to Donald Trump.

One burning question still looms.

Until June of 2018, Michael Cohen was the Deputy Chief Finance Chair for the Republican National Committee (RNC). Cohen resigned from his position with the RNC only after it became public knowledge that he was the target of FBI and SDNY criminal investigations.

In their eagerness to connect the confessed felon, Michael Cohen, to Donald Trump personally, many news outlets have overlooked Cohen’s larger connection to the Republican Party itself. Yet Michael Cohen (along with other scandal-plagued operatives like Steve Wynn and Elliott Broidy) was in charge of the RNC’s finances in the months leading up to the 2016 presidential election.

Why are Republicans so afraid of Michael Cohen?

The night before Michael Cohen was scheduled to testify, GOP Congressman, Matt Gaetz, sent the following message to Cohen on Twitter, which could easily be construed as an attempt to intimidate a witness.

Screen capture via Matt Gaetz on Twitter

Congressional Republicans were visibly distraught throughout the four-hour long hearing.

Seated in front of a sign that read “Liar Liar pants on fire,” Jim Jordan repeatedly raged at the witness, seemingly hell-bent on destroying his credibility. Likewise, Arizona Republican, Rep. Paul Gosar, also raged at Cohen, calling him a pathological liar, saying he wouldn’t even know “truth from falsehood.”

Others followed suit, including North Carolina Congressman Mark Meadows, Tennessee Congressman Edward Green, North Carolina Rep. Virginia Foxx, Rep James Comer of Kentucky, and on and on and on.

Here is a compilation of some of the most shocking moments from the hearing, courtesy of the Washington Post via YouTube.

The prevailing theory is that republicans will do almost anything to protect Donald Trump. But would they really, or is there another possible explanation for the extraordinary level of hostility and aggression that we, as a nation, all witnessed from republicans during Wednesday’s hearings?

Was Russia an ‘active sponsor of the RNC’?

On July 25, 2017, the Senate Intelligence Committee published a copy of notes sent from Paul Manafort’s cell phone. The notes were taken during the infamous Trump Tower meeting, in which Manafort, Jared Kushner, Donald Trump Jr. and other Trump campaign staff met with several Russian operatives. Among the attendees, recently indicted Russian lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya.

Here is a screenshot of Manafort’s notes from that June 9, 2016 meeting, via the US Senate Intelligence Committee.

Image: screencap: Public document, published by the US Senate Intelligence Committee

Who are the “active sponsors of the RNC” that Manafort is referencing here? According to all accounts, the only people in the room that day were Trump campaign staffers and Russian spies.

One burning question was not asked during the Michael Cohen hearing.

There is one burning question that wasn’t asked during Michael Cohen’s lengthy public hearing before Congress.

That question is “Did you engage in any illegal activities while serving in your official capacity as Deputy Finance Chair for the Republican National Committee?”

It’s notable that no one, neither Republican nor Democrat, asked Cohen a single question about his work for the Republican National Committee. We do know that there was a list of topics which were off-limits for the public hearing, including those potentially-related to any ongoing criminal investigations.

It would seem like Michael Cohen’s former job providing financial oversight for the RNC would be a major focus of inquiry, especially in light of all of his known financial misdealings. It makes complete sense that republicans would do or say almost anything to keep Cohen quiet if they are all complicit in accepting foreign money. If “active sponsors of the RNC” is referring to Russian donors, Michael Cohen could potentially take the entire Republican Party down with him.

Democrats not mentioning this even once during the entire hearing makes no sense – unless they are not allowed to ask questions related to Cohen’s work for the RNC for reasons we can only speculate on.

But we can speculate, can’t we?

We can speculate that Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows and all of the rest of the GOP congress cretins aren’t really going to these lengths to protect the orange idiot. We can use our deductive reasoning skills to come to the conclusion that they don’t care at all about Donald Trump. Because we have more than two brain cells we can theorize that it’s far more likely these GOP officials are concerned about the one thing Republicans are always concerned about. Themselves.

Watch the full hearing below via C-SPAN on YouTube.

Featured image credit: video screen capture via C-Span on YouTube