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Republican Senator, Guilty of Child Sex Trafficking, Must Pay $125,850 To Victim

Former Oklahoma state senator, Ralph Allen Lee Shortey, was ordered to pay $125,850 to a child victim of sex trafficking. The order was handed down on January 31, 2019, by U.S. District Judge Timothy D. DeGiusti, who previously sentenced Shortey to 15 years in prison after he entered a guilty plea to one count of child sex trafficking.

The former Oklahoma senator admitted to trafficking children for sex.

Shortey was literally caught in the act of having sex with a minor, when police raided the Super 8 Motel where he had arranged to meet with a 17-year-old boy.

After a federal grand jury returned a four-count indictment against Shortey on September 5, 2017, he entered into a plea bargain with federal prosecutors.

As reported by the U.S Attorney’s Office here, Shortey “admitted he solicited a minor identified as “John Doe” to engage in a commercial sex act on March 8 and 9, 2017.” Shortey committed this, and other crimes against children, while he was serving as an Oklahoma State Senator.

Additional charges against the senator were dismissed as part of a plea deal.

According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, in addition to the child sex trafficking charges, the grand jury found there was sufficient evidence to try Shortey on a number of additional counts, including:

three counts relating to child pornography: emailing videos of a prepubescent girl and young boys in October 2013 and producing child pornography by persuading John Doe to send him a sexually explicit image.

The statement also notes that these charges were dismissed as a result of the plea agreement.

Shortey was Donald Trump’s campaign manager for the state of Oklahoma.

As NBC reported here, Shortey served as state chair for Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Other people associated with Trump’s campaign have also been implicated in child sex trafficking, including Timothy Nolan. Last May, Nolan, who worked on Trump’s campaign in Kentucky, was sentenced to 20 years in prison on charges of human trafficking. At least 19 women, seven of whom were girls under the age of 18, are known to be victims of Nolan’s vicious and predatory criminal acts.

Several of Trump’s associates, including David Vitter and Roger Stone and roommate Kristin Davis are implicated in potentially explosive cases of prostitution and sex trafficking. What’s more, as Addicting Info reported here, Ksenia Khodukina and Yevgen Rizanov, were recently arrested in connection to a ‘high-end Russian prostitution ring,’ which authorities say the couple was operating out of Trump Towers III in Miami.

Republicans would have us believe that none of this has anything to do with Trump.

Republicans would have us believe that none of this has anything to do with Trump. Even if the *president himself were not implicated in any criminal sexual activity, the fact that he’s seemingly surrounded himself with people who are admitted sexual predators suggests poor judgement, at best.

Lest we forget, Trump himself has been accused of numerous criminal sexual offenses. The allegations against him include everything from sexually assaulting and harassing co-workers, to facilitating sex trafficking of teen girls, via his Palm Beach resort. He was also implicated in the Jeffrey Epstein case, which continues to make its way through the legal system.

Does any of this prove that the *president was or is involved in criminal sexual behavior? That’s a question for the courts decide. At the moment, Trump does not face any known charges in relation to these allegations. Yet if he were to face such charges, there is a growing pile of evidence implicating both him and many of the people around him.

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