Two Russian Bombers Escorted Away From US Coast By Fighter Jets

Buried beneath the news of Roger Stone’s arrest and the long awaited end of Trump’s devastating government shutdown, the AP reports that US and Canadian fighter jets escorted two Russian bombers away from the coast of the United States on Friday, 1/26/2019. The incident did not turn into a conflict, but it leaves us to question whether or not Donald Trump is able, or even willing, to keep Americans safe.

The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) said “two F-22 and two CF-18 fighter jets identified two Russian Tu-160 Blackjack strategic bombers that were entering an area patrolled by the Royal Canadian Air Force on Saturday morning.” The nuclear-capable, Russian Blackjack bombers were detected by the agency as they entered Canadian airspace in the arctic region, reportedly approaching the coast of the United States.

Meanwhile our current ‘Commander and Chief’ is single-mindedly obsessed with building a wall on the southern border. Why? Can a border wall protect the country from Russian bomber jets? If the *president is truly concerned about national security, why does he refuse to listen to our national intelligence agencies? Even more puzzling, why does he act as if US intelligence agencies are the enemy and Putin is the friend?

While 17 different US intelligence agencies sounded the warning about Russia’s cyber attacks on the US, president Trump told the world at Helsinki that he “didn’t see any reason why it would be Russia.”

Here’s a look back at Trump’s disturbing betrayal of US intelligence last year via Associated Press on YouTube.

Since that time, instead of taking action against Russian hackers who targeted US infrastructure and government agencies like the SEC, threatening both our economic stability and our national security, the *president wants the investigation into Russia’s attacks halted.


Authorities have not given any explanation for the presence of the two Russian bombers in Canadian airspace. *President Trump has made no statement (or Tweet) regarding the incident.

Friday’s tense incident with Russia ended peacefully, for that we can be thankful. Yet we are left with the realization that our nation faces many real and imminent threats which have nothing to do with the southern border. Those threats are not going to be addressed by building a wall on the border.

*Featured image credit: russian blackjack bomber jet via wikimedia commons, public domain image