Giuliani Gives Bonkers Interview On CNN, Accidentally Throws Trump Right Under The Bus

Donald Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, gave a bonkers interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Wednesday night that will suck IQ points out of your head. Giuliani falsely claimed that he “never said there was no collusion” between Trump’s campaign and Russia leading up to the 2016 presidential election. He did, however, previously make that claim. And Trump has repeatedly claimed on Twitter that there was “no collusion” with Russia.

Giuliani, like Trump, ranted during the interview about the amount of “false reporting” on the Russia investigation but Cuomo called him out on it.

“Mr. Mayor, false reporting is saying that nobody in the campaign had any contacts with Russia,” Cuomo said. “False reporting is saying that there has been no suggestion of any kind of collusion between the campaign and any Russians.”

Giuliani then contradicted his previous statements.

“You just misstated my position,” Giuliani said. “I never said there was no collusion between the campaign, or between people in the campaign.”

Cuomo appeared to be in disbelief.

“Yes, you have,” Cuomo said.

Giuliani and Cuomo then had a back and forth over Trump’s repeated claims that “nobody” associated with his campaign ever colluded.

“He didn’t say nobody, he said he didn’t,” Giuliani said, then Cuomo immediately shot back that that wasn’t true.

We recall the ‘smocking gun’ tweet.

And this one:

And this one:

The Internet lit up after Giuliani’s remarks.

We’re pretty sure that Giuliani’s client might want to have a word with him.

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