Mr. Art Of The Deal Reduces Himself To Begging For A Deal On Twitter For His ‘Wall Thing’

Donald Trump has been throwing a Twitter-tantrum over his ego-wall and now he’s begging for a deal after we entered the 12th day of his government shut down. Last February, though, Trump was offered  $25 billion for his vanity wall to be constructed along the Southern border but numerous Republicans voted against it and the former reality show star threatened to not sign it.

This time, Trump wants $5.7 billion and Democrats are set to take over the House in a few days so there’s no reason to barter with the so-called president over an inefficient and costly wall. Trump, who has described himself as a master dealmaker, sounds like he’s about to fold like a cheap suit.

“Border Security and the Wall “thing” and Shutdown is not where Nancy Pelosi wanted to start her tenure as Speaker!” President Exclamation Mark tweeted. “Let’s make a deal?”

Twitter users were quick to respond.

And Pelosi replied, of course.

Earlier today, Trump tweeted attacks against Democrats but now he’s seeking a deal with them. There is no reason to fund the wall since Trump repeatedly vowed that Mexico will pay for it.

Featured image via screen capture.