Trump Sent Kellyanne to CNN to Defend Him on Sunday. It Was an Epic Fail (VIDEO)

It’s not just that Kellyanne Conway is a pathetic liar. It’s that she goes on TV to spew her meaningless babble and defend Donald Trump for his indefensible behavior. I have no idea how this woman sleeps at night. She tried her best on Sunday morning to defend Trump’s lack of empathy for two dead migrant children. But her efforts were an epic fail.

On Sunday morning Kellyanne Conway made an appearance on CNN’s State of the Union. And it didn’t go well.

Show host Dana Bash showed Trump’s latest idiotic tweet where he blamed Democrats for the deaths of two young migrant children who died in U.S. custody this month.

“The idea that the president’s aides — now you’re one of them — have said that they have empathy for the deaths of children who are coming across the border with their parents. But the president hasn’t. The only thing he has said is something that is very political and, frankly, misleading, with regard to Democrats being culpable for the deaths of children,” Bash said.

“The point he’s making is that our DHS and CBP, Customs and Border Patrol, statistics show that, unlike in the past, where the vast, vast majority of those coming over the border illegally were single males and were coming from Mexico, they’re coming from the Northern Triangle countries now, and they’re coming as families, or they’re coming as unaccompanied minors, as you know, unaccompanied children.

“We simply cannot absorb all that. And, unfortunately and very tragically, it does results in some deaths,” Kellyanne replied.

“It’s also important to note that the president tweeted, not just the Democrats are responsible, but that they’re — that they were ill before they were coming over.

“And his own government, the CBP says — has said in several statements that they have tracked them and that that’s not the case,” Bash pointed out.

If the goal was to send Kellyanne to CNN on Sunday to try to make the president look more empathetic about dead children, I’d say they failed miserably.