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McClatchy: Michael Cohen’s Cell Phone Was In Prague, Just Like The Dossier Says

We’ve heard a lot of talk recently about the end stage of the Trump presidency and Robert Mueller’s noose tightening around the neck of the Presidential Apprentice. It’s been a frustrating wait, but there are signs that the damning truth is finally ready to emerge.

Your latest indicator is this McClatchy DC story which says Trump fixer Michael Cohen’s cell phone “sent signals ricocheting off cell towers in the Prague area in late summer 2016, at the height of the presidential campaign,” dovetailing nicely with the so-called ‘dossier’ of raw intelligence reports compiled by former MI-6 agent Christopher Steele.

Although Cohen’s former attorney Lanny Davis has repeatedly denied the Prague meeting took place, he “is no longer part of Cohen’s legal team,” McClatchy notes.

He acknowledged that he has not been fully briefed on what Cohen has told Mueller’s investigative staff in some 70 hours of interviews dating to last August, when Cohen pleaded guilty. Earlier this month, Mueller advised Cohen’s sentencing judge that Cohen has provided substantial assistance in four areas, including in “core” areas of the Russia inquiry. Mueller did not elaborate.

[…] Former Watergate prosecutor Jill Wine-Banks said that if disclosures of the foreign intelligence intercepts are true, “This is a very significant break, because it looks like a direct link between Donald Trump’s personal fixer and Russians most likely involved in the disruption of our election.”

“It would prove that lying was going on, not only about being in Prague, but much beyond the Prague episode,” she said.

In other words, if Michael Cohen really was in Prague, then the likelihood that a ‘pee tape’ exists also increases exponentially.

Appearing to confirm rumors that are now nearly two years old, McClatchy reporters also say that “electronic eavesdropping by an Eastern European intelligence agency” — widely believed to be Välisluureamet, Estonia’s Foreign Intelligence service — “picked up a conversation among Russians, one of whom remarked that Cohen was in Prague.”

McClatchy’s sources say that Mueller already has all of this information, and probably a lot more. While the special counsel has been very tight-lipped, we can point to other rumors that stand to be confirmed soon, if this is all true.

For instance, Cohen had always waved his US passport as he denied the Prague meeting. Yet if he had, say, a second passport from Israel, it would explain how he managed to enter Europe without having his US passport stamped. Sure, Cohen specifically denied having an Israeli passport in congressional testimony, but of course he has more recently pleaded guilty to lying in that testimony.

Then there is this intriguing pair of recent tweets from the real Donald Trump himself a few weeks ago:

Gee, why would the alleged president mention Cohen’s father in law and wife there? While the former has Ukrainian ties that have earned a little bit of coverage in the wider mosaic of all things Trump-Russia, Cohen’s wife has been very obscure throughout all this. So what is going on here?

One possible answer is that they accompanied Cohen to Prague, then lied about the matter when questioned by the FBI. I have no proof that this is the case, but it is a scenario that makes sense with all of the established facts and reporting we have right now. It would certainly fit Mueller’s pattern of leveraging potential charges against family members in order to compel cooperation, for example by declining to prosecute Michael Flynn’s son in exchange for his grand jury testimony.

So buckle up, it looks like we are bound to see turbulent headlines in the next few weeks.

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