The Trump Crime Family Is ‘Surrounded’ In Their White House Hideout

“Two years after Donald Trump won the presidency, nearly every organization he has led in the past decade is under investigation,” Washington Post reporters noted yesterday.

Citing “a cascade of legal challenges that threaten to dominate Trump’s third year in the White House,” David Farenthold, Mat Zapotosky, and Seung Min Kim say the president “has been forced to spend his political capital — and that of his party — on his defense.”

Trump faces civil and criminal challenges from all sides. Lawsuits charge him with violating the Constitution’s emoluments clause. The New York attorney general is pursuing charitable fraud at the Trump Foundation. US attorneys for the Southern District of New York have made “Individual Number 1” the unindicted co-conspirator to his former personal lawyer Michael Cohen. Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation has just expanded to scrutinize the financial shenanigans surrounding Trump’s inaugural committee.

Last but not least, Democrats will take over the House of Representatives in January, whereupon Trump can expect a pile of new subpoenas and a score of investigations: his tax returns will no longer be secret. Jared Kushner and Don Jr. will be exposed as perjurers. Self-dealing by Trump cabinet officials will be aired out.

According to the Post, the looming storm has already put Capitol Hill Republicans back on their heels, dodging questions or wishing they could just move on.

The mood in the White House has gotten darker, too. “As the bad news has rolled in, the president has cut back his public schedule,” they report. “He spent more time than usual in his official residence this week, with more than two dozen hours of unstructured ‘executive time,’ said a person familiar with his schedule.”

It might be tempting to make comparisons to Hitler in the Führerbunker here, but the more fitting analogy is a criminal gang being surrounded by police who have learned the location of their hideout.

“Come on, coppers! You’ll never take me alive, see?”

For while Mueller has no part in the various lawsuits against Trump or the New York AG investigations, the rest of these courtroom threats all derive from his own investigation, which he has purposefully metastasized.

Rather than pursue Trump’s hush money payoffs through his office, Mueller handed the matter over to SDNY prosecutors. They have not only pinned Trump to a slam-dunk case of campaign finance violations, but also may have Trump’s three oldest children on the hook for writing the checks to repay Cohen.

That strategy has made it much harder for Trump to solve his problems by simply firing Mueller, who has clearly planned several steps ahead of the president. Firing Jeff Sessions after the midterm election and installing yes-man Matthew Whitaker as acting attorney general may have seemed like good ideas to Trump, for example, but they have not even created a speed bump in the way of Mueller’s progress.

Paul Manafort is still going to prison. Michael Cohen is still going to prison. If Jared Kushner, Ivanka, Don Jr., and/or Eric Trump are indicted in the new year, their trials will make it much harder for Republicans to just pretend this is all a big misunderstanding.

To be sure, there is a large tranche of Trump’s supporters who will never, ever admit he did anything wrong, or they simply won’t care that he did. But the indictments and convictions keep piling up, anyway, and at some point their collective mass will be too much for the political props under this administration to bear. That moment may be closer than we realize.

Featured image via Max Goldberg Flickr under Creative Commons license