Rudy Giuliani Completely Implodes on Fox News Sunday (VIDEO)

It seems that the whole reason they are putting Rudy on TV is so that he can throw out so much bullsh*t that the American public just gets totally confused. But he certainly didn’t do anything to help Trump’s case Sunday morning. His interview on Fox was a total trainwreck.

I get that it must be a tough job trying to defend Donald Trump and all of his blatant corruption. But Rudy Giuliani has become one giant comical embarrassment.

On Sunday morning he made an appearance on Fox News. And to say that it didn’t go well would be a major understatement. In an appearance on another network Sunday morning, Rudy said that he wasn’t allowed to talk about whether or not Trump’s legal team is still in negotiations with Mueller’s office over a sit-down interview with the president. But when he appeared on Fox, Rudy said that Trump will sit down with Mueller over his dead body.

Rudy spent half of his Fox interview calling Michael Cohen a liar and trying to muddy the waters around everything that Cohen has said. But he conveniently left out the part about Mueller having corroborating evidence that backs up what Cohen has told him.

At the end of the interview when Chris Wallace asked Giuliani about Mueller’s ongoing investigation, Rudy claimed that all Mueller is doing is going after unpaid parking tickets.

“Yes, there are several unpaid parking tickets back in 1986-87 that haven’t been explained,” Giuliani told Wallace sarcastically.

“Seriously,” Wallace pressed. “Is the special counsel — does he want to interview the president?”

“Yeah, good luck,” Giuliani snapped back. “After what they did to Flynn, the way they trapped him into perjury — and no sentence for him.”

“So when you say, good luck, you’re saying, no way to an interview?” asked Wallace.

“Over my dead body,” Giuliani declared. “But you know, I could be dead.”

The fact is, Donald Trump is a desperate liar. You can’t believe a single word out of his mouth. But so is Rudy Giuliani. At this point, the only thing he’s good for is comic relief in this shit show.