Eric Trump Lashes Out At Kellyanne Conway’s Attorney Husband For Tweeting About The Law

Eric Trump is upset with White House counselor Kellyanne Conway’s husband, George, who is an attorney. Conway referred in a tweet to statutes for obstruction of justice and tampering with witnesses, informants or victims, after Donald Trump launched a bizarre rant on Monday, targeting Robert Mueller while bashing his longtime former attorney, Michael Cohen for cooperating with the special counsel. Trump then praised his longtime ally Roger Stone for not cooperating with Mueller’s team.

Mr. Conway has been critical of Trump and even penned op-eds published in the New York Times and Washington Post to call out the former reality show star.

Conway’s latest tweet made Trump’s son lose it.

“Of all the ugliness in politics, the utter disrespect George Conway shows toward his wife, her career, place of work, and everything she has fought SO hard to achieve, might top them all,” Eric Trump tweeted.

Kellyanne Conway is a “great person,” he added, and said that her husband’s actions “are horrible.”

Donald Trump appeared to be obstructing justice out in the open.

‘“I will never testify against Trump.” This statement was recently made by Roger Stone, essentially stating that he will not be forced by a rogue and out of control prosecutor to make up lies and stories about “President Trump,”’ Trump tweeted. ‘Nice to know that some people still have “guts!”’

Mr. Conway responded.

Mother Jones reporter David Corn weighed in on Twitter.

Mr. Conway retweeted responses to Eric’s comment.

The law seems to offend Eric. Like father, like son. It’s almost as if we’re all living in a segment of the Jerry Springer show in which the families of administration officials lash out at each other.

Featured image via Gage Skidmore/Flickr, under Creative Commons license 2.0.