Trump Just Got Fact-Checked To His Face By A Reporter Over His Lie About Obama’s Policy

A reporter on Monday challenged Donald Trump outside the White House over his false claim that former President Barack Obama had the same family separation policies, even though it was actually former Attorney General Jeff Sessions who enacted that policy while he was part of the former reality show star’s administration. We need more reporters like this. Every lie should be challenged.

“You said your policy at the border was the same as the Obama administration. It wasn’t,” said CBS News correspondent Paula Reid.

“Obama had a separation policy,” Trump insisted. “We all had the same policy.”

“Sir, it was different — you decided to prosecute everyone at the border,” Reid shot back.


On Sunday, Trump responded to a 60 Minutes segment to claim that previous administrations had the same policy as his administration but the ‘zero tolerance’ policy was enacted by Sessions.

Trump tries to suggest that Obama had some sort of open border policy, then in the next breath, he claims that the former president is actually the one with a harsher immigration policy.

Featured image via screen capture.