Finally! Trump’s Saudi Arabia Thank You Note Angers the GOP

After two and a half years of ignoring President Donald Trump’s strange behavior, odd admissions of criminal activity, and blatant disregard for the U.S. Constitution, the GOP may finally have the gumption to break with him. He tweeted his thanks to Saudi Arabia for the low price of oil (which is not something that government has much control over):

The response from the Right happened quickly. Senator-elect Mitt Romney (Utah) tweeted this:


Senator Lindsay Graham (South Carolina) was next. While he has been a critic of the president, in recent months he had seemed to find his way back to supporting Trump.

Even Senator Marco Rubio (Florida) jumped into the fray:

It is hard to overstate the importance of these defections from the president. Up until now, only GOP senators who were retiring took such a hard line. There are probably a few reasons for this, other than the basic fact that nothing in the Trump admin response to Saudi Arabia is about U.S. interests. At a time when the Congressional Districts around the country could not be more skewed to elect Republicans, they lost that body. For many people who voted for Trump, the bloom seems to be off the rose. That means lawmakers who might have been afraid to butt heads with the White House may feel emboldened to declare their political independence.

On the other side, a softening of support in the Senate may portend even worse things for the president. House Democrats, with all of their powers to investigate and issue subpoenas, may end up finding they have no choice but to push for impeachment. It does not seem likely that the Senate would follow up with a conviction, the more people in that body question how safe we are, the more they be inclined to want Vice President Pence to take the helm.