US Senate Candidate Cindy ‘Public Hanging’ Hyde-Smith Wears A Confederate Hat

Cindy Hyde-Smith, the Republican US Senate candidate from Mississippi, keeps showing us who she really is.

In the last two weeks, Hyde-Smith has told us how much she enjoys attending a “public hanging” (read: lynching), then adamantly refused to explain her statement; she also told (white) students at Mississippi State University that it’s a “good idea” to make voting harder for “liberal folks” (read: black people) “in those other schools” (read: black colleges and universities), then tried to shrug it off as joke, even though nobody was laughing.

Now, going back through her Facebook feed, we find the following entry from an August 2014 trip she made to Beauvoir, the Jefferson Davis Home and (Confederate) Presidential Library in Biloxi, Mississippi. It turns out that Cindy Hyde-Smith is not just a big fan of dog whistles about Jim Crow-style vote suppression and lynching, she even likes to wear the original MAGA hat:

Get that? Mississippi history is “at its best” when the state fights for white supremacy. No state has a higher percentage of African Americans today than Mississippi. It was the home of Medgar Evers, and ground zero in the Civil Rights Era, but all of that history pales in comparison to the exalted deeds of white, slave-owning racists and their white, landless enablers a century before. Those saber-waving, musket-toting cannon fodder were the REAL heroes, ya’ll, and that’s who she honors by donning the gray kepi hat.

Perhaps I am being unfair here. After all, it’s not like Hyde-Smith has accepted campaign contributions from notorious white supremacists, then refused to return them, right? Oh wait, she did actually do that. But it’s not like she has deep personal and family ties to infamous segregationists and people involved in actual lynchings, right? Oh dear, it seems like she actually does.

Not coincidentally, Walmart — a conservative bastion and perhaps the most southern-fried corporation on the planet — has decided that Cindy Hyde-Smith is too racist for them. They are asking Hyde-Smith to return their $2000 campaign contribution over her glib comments about public hangings. “Sen. Hyde-Smith’s recent comments clearly do not reflect the values of our company and associates,” the company said in a statement.

Cindy Hyde-Smith faces her opponent, Democrat Mike Espy, in a debate tonight. Pollsters say that the race has tightened, and that Espy is within striking distance of winning next Tuesday’s runoff. Yet it remains to be seen whether Hyde-Smith is too racist for (white) Mississippi voters, many of whom are actually more likely to vote for Confederate hate in a Confederate hat.

It’s not that they don’t see who she is. They do see that, and they like it just fine.

Featured image via Facebook