Melania Trump And John Kelly Just Had A Fight, Kelly May Be Out Of White House

MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson is reporting that she and her colleagues have spoken with a whopping seven sources who have confirmed that there have been multiple clashes between Melania Trump and White House Chief-of-Staff John Kelly.

The issues stem with travel and staffing issues. Some concerns actually escalated to the level of the president. Well, duh, of course, a woman is going to talk to her hubby about any gripes she has. And vice versa.

Melania raised some concerns that some of her requests to promote her top aides have been denied, with Kelly saying there weren’t enough positions.

Pres. Donald Trump was really upset and directed Kelly to do what Melania wants, saying:

“I don’t need this [stronger word than junk, maybe sh*t?]”


These problems that Kelly is having with various people in the White House are reportedly going to cost him his job, and soon. Jackson says that the White House is actively reaching out to multiple people who can replace Kelly.

MSNBC has released a (fake news) statement to MSNBC, and they say that they have “a very positive working relationship” with the West Wing.

This naturally contradicts previous statements where Trump and Kelly have said that he’ll stay on until 2020. Kelly has specifically said he’s going to do that. Hallie Jackson believes that ain’t happenin’.

A point made by Jackson is that Melania does her own thing, and getting on the wrong side of the First Lady has not worked out well for chiefs of staff in the past. If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.

Melania has previously said that there are people in the White House who she doesn’t trust, and who her husband shouldn’t trust.

Watch below.

Featured image via Washington Examiner