The Thousand Oaks Shooter Sexually Assaulted His High School Track Coach (VIDEO)

The gunman from this week’s mass shooting in California was very disturbed long before he shot up a nightclub. Before he ever went into the Marines he sexually assaulted his high school track coach. The school swept it under the rug because they didn’t want to ruin his career in the Marines.

On Thursday the CBS affiliate in Los Angeles, CBSLA, reported that the Thousand Oaks killer sexually assaulted his track coach when he was in high school.

“I turned on the news and I was watching it and when they said his name my jaw just dropped,” said Dominique Colell.

She hadn’t heard the name Ian David Long in a long time. But it was a name that she would never forget.

“He attacked me. He attacked his high school track coach,” said Colell. “Who does that?”

The former Newbury Park High School track coach said that when she heard about the shooting she was filled with emotion, from sadness to guilt. She felt guilty because she never filed charges against Long after he attacked her during his senior year.

Colell explained that the attack happened one day during practice. She says that one of the students found a lost phone. And she was trying to figure out who the phone belonged to when Long attacked her.

“Ian came up and started screaming at me that was his phone,” said Colell. “He just started grabbing me. He groped my stomach. He groped my butt. I pushed him off me and said after that — ‘you’re off the team.’ ”

But at the time, other teachers and coaches convinced her not to press charges. She was pushed to accept his apology because no one wanted to ruin his future in the Marine Corps.

“I should have reported it then,” Colell said.

Colell couldn’t have known that the student who attacked her would go on to commit a mass slaughter. But she doesn’t believe that this is a case of PTSD. Colell says that the shooter was extremely disturbed long before he ever became a Marine.

“There are hundreds of thousands of people with PTSD,” said Colell. “They don’t go around shooting people. This kid was mentally disturbed in high school. There were signs and the administration knew it.”


Featured image via screengrab from video