As Florida Struggles To Count Votes, Local Teacher Finds ‘Provisional Ballot Box’ In Storage Area

They still haven’t counted all of the state’s votes. And now a Florida teacher has found a box of provisional ballots left at her elementary school by election officials. Come on Florida. Get your sh*t together!

On Thursday the New York Post reported that a Florida teacher found a box of provisional ballots left at Miramar Elementary School in Broward County two days after the election was over.

Lakeisha Williams told the Post, “I went into the area that we use for storage and saw it in there.”

Williams said that she didn’t touch or look inside the box. Instead she told the school’s principal who then contacted a local state representative.

Williams noted that all provisional ballots had to be received by county officials by 5 p.m. on Thursday. And she told the Post that she didn’t know what happened to the box of ballots she found. “I don’t know where it is now,” she said.

Florida is getting ready to have a statewide recount after both the Senate and Governor’s races have tightened to within a 0.5 percentage difference.

As of Thursday, Republican Rick Scott was leading Democrat Bill Nelson by just 17,000 votes, or 0.2 percent in the Senate race. And Republican Rick DeSantis was leading Democrat Andrew Gillum by around 30,000 votes, or 0.4 percent in the race for governor.