In a Major Upset, Gun Control Advocate Lucy McBath Wins Ruby-Red District in GA

This is an incredible win for the Democrats. And McBath’s story will restore your faith in humanity.

Remember last year, the very heated special election in Georgia between Democrat Jon Ossoff and Republican Karen Handel? That Georgia race caught national attention. And it was the most expensive House race in the history of this country. Karen Handel ended up winning that very red district. But in what could be one of the biggest upsets this cycle Handle just went down to Democrat Lucy McBath.

Wednesday afternoon McBath declared victory in this very tight race. Handel finally conceded on Thursday morning.

This Georgia district that McBath just won has been a Republican stronghold. Previously this district was represented by Republicans Newt Gingrich and Tom Price. The district is highly educated and relatively affluent. But thanks to the nightmare that is Donald Trump, this Republican suburban district has turned against the GOP.

But McBath’s win was more than just a rebuke of Trump. McBath has a great story in her own right and was a great candidate. She was a major advocate for common sense gun control. And she still won. In Georgia!

McBath first showed up on the national stage in 2012 when her 17-year-old black son, Jordan Davis, was shot and killed at a Florida gas station by a white man who said Davis was playing his music too loud. The killer tried to use Florida’s Stand Your Ground law as a defense. But thankfully a jury convicted him of first-degree murder.

After her son died McBath became a major gun control advocate. She eventually became a spokesperson for the gun safety group, Moms Demand Action. Then after the Parkland shooting in February she turned her sights to Congress. Even in this ruby-red district in the deep south she was able to win by running on common sense gun control.

“I knew that I could no longer sit on the sidelines while the politicians in the pocket of the gun manufacturing lobby decide the future of our gun laws,” McBath said on her campaign site.

McBath is also a two-time breast cancer survivor. And she campaigned for more affordable healthcare. She also campaigned on raising the minimum wage and gun control measures like background checks, raising the age for all gun purchases to 21, and restricting anyone with a domestic violence history from buying a gun.

Democratic pollster Zac McCrary told Huffington last month, “This is just not your grandfather’s Georgia.” He added that the state was “becoming more Democratic by the day.”

As of Thursday there has still been no winner announced in the Georgia gubernatorial race between Democrat Stacey Abrams and Republican Brian Kemp. But it is likely that McBath got a boost from Democratic voters because of Abrams being on the ticket.


Featured image via screengrab from YouTube