Trump Fires His Own AG In HUMILIATING WAY The Day After Dems Take The House

Despite what he is saying and spinning, Donald Trump is not in a very good mood today. The Democrats took back control of the House of Representatives, which means that Trump and his entire administration should be sweating bullets right about now. After all, a House majority means Democratic Committee chairmanships. That means subpoena power and investigations galore. With a lifelong shady character like Donald Trump, that could mean some very bad business coming down the pike very soon indeed. So, what does Trump do to “celebrate” the midterm election results? He announces the firing of his Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, via Twitter.

Trump has been attacking Sessions on Twitter for months. The fact that Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation led to the appointment of Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III, which has been a thorn in the side of the Trump Administration since its inception. So, apparently, Sessions resigned via a letter, at Trump’s request. In other words, Sessions was fire Trump, of course, added to the humiliation by announcing it on Twitter. He tweeted:

Now, the guy Trump picked to replace Sessions is a man who is notoriously hostile to the Mueller investigation. So, what this means is much more sinister, and we should all watch closely. Matthew Whitaker is a man who has pretty much laid out a blueprint for how to hamstring the Mueller investigation, and since he was Sessions’ Chief of Staff, he’ll be able to simply be acting Attorney General. That means no more Rod Rosenstein overseeing that investigation. Rest assured, the Republicans in the House will try and make sure Mueller has no protection prior to the coming Democratic takeover.

This is a warning shot, folks. Trump knows what is coming for him, and therefore, we have to be vigilant and DEMAND that Bob Mueller be allowed to do his job. Our democracy depends upon it. Thank goodness for the new Democratic House.

Featured image via  Alex Wong/Getty Images