‘Who’s Ready For Tuesday?’ SNL Pokes Some Fun At Nervous Dems (VIDEO)

Saturday Night Live was back this weekend. And they poked a little fun at the very nervous Democrats ahead of Tuesday’s midterm election.

On Tuesday the United States will hold midterm elections in what many are calling the most important midterm elections of our lifetimes. The Democrats have to win to put a check on this out of control president. If the Republicans are able to hold both houses of Congress Donald Trump will be more empowered than ever. Can you even imagine what he and his Republican enablers will do if they feel like they’ve gotten some kind of mandate from the American people??

So yes, Democrats are nervous. We understand how much rides on this election. But being nervous is also just a part of being a Dem. We tend to worry about losing elections more than our Republican friends. Maybe it’s because we’re all still a bit shell-shocked from what happened in 2016. Or maybe it’s because traditionally Democrats have been able to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in midterm elections. Or maybe it’s because we know that Republicans cheat to steal elections with things like gerrymandering and voter suppression. Yes, we’re nervous!

SNL picked up on that nervousness. And they did a pre-recorded skit poking a little fun at us Nervous Nellies. It’s funny because it’s so true.

Keep those fingers crossed Dems. And whatever you do, GET OUT AND VOTE ON TUESDAY!


The Cold Open skit was also really funny this weekend. SNL took aim at the fear-mongering hysteria going on at Fox News over the migrant caravan. It was really funny, but it was also very close to what’s actually going on on Fox right now.


And here’s a bonus clip. This one was pretty funny too. Ever wonder how press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders sleeps at night after all that lying?



Featured image via screengrab from video