Trump Says That Stacey Abrams Is ‘Not Qualified’- That’s A Huge Lie

Trump says that Democrat Stacey Abrams is “not qualified” to be the governor of Georgia. Here’s why that claim is laughable….

If there ever was a political candidate that was thoroughly unqualified for public office it is Donald Trump. So it’s pretty laughable that he, of all people, is calling someone unqualified.

“The woman she is supporting is not qualified to be the governor of Georgia — by any stretch of the imagination,” Trump said on Thursday after he was asked about Oprah campaigning for Abrams.

It’s not just the hypocrisy that’s outrageous. He’s also lying his ass off.

Stacey Abrams is actually extremely qualified to be governor.

Abrams is more educated than Trump. She is a Yale-educated attorney. And unlike Trump who never held public office before running for president, Abrams served in the Georgia state legislature. In fact she was the minority leader.

“She is not qualified to be governor of Georgia,” Trump repeated. “Not qualified.”

I don’t know if Trump is purposely lying about Abrams. Or if he’s just completely ignorant of the facts. But either way, he’s wrong.

And this is not the first time that he’s attacked a woman of color in this manner.

In August he called former White House aide Omarosa Manigault-Newman a “dog.”

And he has repeatedly referred to Democrat Maxine Waters as “an extraordinarily low IQ person.”

Trump isn’t going to stop lying and attacking African American women any time soon. But facts still matter. And Stacey Abrams is more than qualified to be the next governor of Georgia.


Featured image via flickr, Abrams campaign