‘Your Hat Sanctions Our Death, Our Murder’: Jewish Woman Delivers Powerful Emotional Note To Airline Traveler Wearing MAGA Cap

A Jewish woman on a flight with her family decided to respectfully address a fellow passenger’s MAGA hat following the recent brutal murder of 11 worshipers at a Jewish synagogue in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania by a deranged gunman who bought into Donald Trump‘s dangerous rhetoric.

In a personal note passed to the Trump supporter seated a few rows in front of her, the woman identified herself as Merissa. The letter was uploaded to Twitter by the woman’s friend, public defender Scott Hechinger.

In the note, Merrisa told the man that she identified him as a Trump supporter because of the red “Make America Great Again” hat he was wearing.

“Dear sir in the pretty red hat,” the letter began. “I am in Los Angeles because my family lives here. We are Jewish. We survived the Holocaust. My family members were murdered in gas chambers — all of them except 5 that lived here.”

Merissa then explained that the recent synagogue shooting was the reason she was flying to Los  Angeles, stating that the deaths deeply troubled her.

“I couldn’t stop crying, I was afraid and didn’t want to be alone,” she recalled.

The woman also pointed out how Trump “blamed Saturday’s shooting spree on the synagogue.”

“He said if they had armed guards, it would have been fine,” Merissa remarked. “Do you have an armed guard when you pray?”

“A lot of people were upset, angry & scared on the plane when they saw your hat,” she continued. “For you, I want to assume it’s about politics, economics and the support of a charismatic man.”

Merissa also questioned the supporter’s intent behind wearing the hat, wondering if it was “to scare black people, Jews [and] immigrants.”

“To us, your hat sanctions our death, our murder, our evisceration,” she added. “Because you’re hat supports a man who does little to help us and so much to fuel hatred, violence and cruelty.”

Merissa concluded the note by reassuring the man that she felt “love” for him.

“I hope your good America doesn’t include flushing me and my people out,” she concluded.

According to Hechinger, the man “read it all.” But he did not show any reaction to her message.

Featured image Screengrab via YouTube