Trump Says Troops On The Border Will Shoot Rock Throwers

Let me state the obvious. Trump is pathological liar. So anything that comes out of his lying mouth should be taken with great skepticism. But at the same time this man is the President of the United States, the leader of the free world. And words have meaning.

Thursday afternoon Trump was able to get every network to carry his speech live for about 30 minutes. The speech was basically just blatant fear-mongering and lying. This is his closing argument for the midterm elections, which happen next Tuesday.

During his ridiculous and racist diatribe Trump said that for any asylum seeker who throws rocks at the border “we will consider that a firearm. Because there’s not much difference.”

Trump said that he told the troops that if anyone throws rocks at them they should shoot back.

He noted that some of the immigrants in the caravan headed north from Honduras threw rocks at Mexican troops at the Mexican border. And he said that some of those troops were hurt by the rocks.

The lying lunatic then said that he hopes our troops won’t have to shoot any of the immigrants. But he made it clear that if any of those immigrants throw rocks our soldiers can respond with firepower.

The man is insane. It’s likely that he’s just spewing bullshit, as usual, to rile up his idiotic base before the election. But his words have meaning. And what happens when one of the soldiers takes him seriously and follows his orders and actually shoots a teenager?

His rhetoric is dangerous and reckless. And unfortunately it’s become our new normal. This is not going to end well. Buckle up kids.


Featured image via flickr