Oprah Gives Passionate Campaign Speech For Stacey Abrams (VIDEO)

Wow! If this doesn’t put a big smile on your face and tears in your eyes then you need to check your pulse. Right about now the Republicans are wishing that they had an Oprah.

On Thursday Oprah Winfrey hit the campaign trail for Georgia’s Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams. And she was amazing!

Oprah and Abrams knocked on doors earlier in the day. And then the two women held a town hall in Marietta, Georgia. To start the town hall Oprah gave a brilliant speech to introduce Abrams. The two have another town hall event scheduled for later on Thursday in Decatur, Georgia.

In her speech Oprah said that she was not asked to come campaign for Abrams. Oprah said that she called Abrams after being inspired by her to ask if she could come to Georgia and help. This is a rare campaign event for Oprah. The last politician she campaigned for was Barack Obama. She endorsed Hillary in 2016 but she didn’t make any campaign appearances for her.

“I’m an independent woman and I have reserved the right to do exactly what I want to do,” Oprah said.

“Nobody paid for me to come here. Nobody even asked me to come here. I paid for myself, and I approve this message.”

Oprah said that when she called Abrams to ask if she could come campaign for her, she told Abrams, “I’ve been watching you and you just keep a’coming on … You keep standing strong for the values that matter to me and the values that matter to Georgians all over this state.”

“We have this incredible opportunity to make history,” Oprah told the Georgia audience. “We have an inalienable right to vote because it’s the one place we’re all equal. Where is it? It’s at the polls.”

“I’m here because I want you to remind others of the power.” She added that women need to “vote your values. Vote your conscious.”



Featured image via screengrab from video