Fox News Host Calls For Federal Government To Subsidize Arming Places Of Worship

Fox News Host Rachel Campos-Duffy, the wife of Rep. Sean Duffy (R-WI), argues that the federal government should provide funds to places of worship so they can buy guns to arm their services.

During a segment in which Fox News replayed Donald Trump blaming the Pittsburgh synagogue for not arming themselves against a crazed anti-Semite gunman who murdered 11 people, Duffy-Campos decided to up the ante and called for gun welfare.

Campos said:

“I think it has to be up to the church or the synagogue with the temple to go we want this — I think the federal government should step in for churches and synagogues who can’t afford that kind of protection, let’s give it to them.”

Arming churches and other places of worship in America and asking the government to subsidize this lunacy? It’s not hard to imagine that the majority of brain-dead Trumpanzies would probably co-sign this absurdity. Has this NRA slave ever heard of Jim Jones or David Koresh?

Republicans continue to promote the tired argument that the only solution to gun violence is more guns in the hands of untrained, frightened citizens placed in highly stressful situations while surrounded by unarmed innocent bystanders. And of course, they never talk about how law enforcement’s supposed to be able to tell a “good guy with a gun” from a “bad guy with a gun.”

The so-called “gun debate” in America boils down to this. Progressives want to end mass shootings, while Republicans think mass shootings are the “cost of freedom.” We could have 1,000 Sandy Hooks a year and Republicans wouldn’t have very┬ámany constructive solutions to offer, but you can best believe they’ll have “thoughts and prayers” in abundance.

Featured image Screengrab via Crooks and Liars