Even Uber Right-Wing Matt Drudge Has Had Enough: Tells Fox News ‘Check Your Soul’

Featured image via Twitter screenshot

Matt Drudge, the publisher of the infamous Drudge Report, which, if you may recall, was birther central during the Obama administration, has had enough with Fox News. On Monday, Drudge, whose Twitter feed is mostly dormant, issued a series of tweets questioning the panel on Fox’s “Outnumbered” after they laughed their way through a segment about last week’s spate of right-wing terrorism.

The segment started out in an appropriately somber tone, but that didn’t last long. The panel, Kennedy, Harris Faulkner, Melissa Francis and Rachel Campos-Duffy, talked about how tragedy often brings the country together, and used 9/11 as an example. Then Kennedy said, “What I will say is, try becoming a member of a third party for a little while.” The panel erupted in laughter. Watch the end of the segment and the unfortunate (for them) chyron below:

Drudge, who’s no stranger to inappropriate and tasteless hate-mongering, seemed to have reached his limit after watching Fox. He tweeted images to his more than half million followers of the women laughing, with a post suggesting the panelists “check (their) soul(s).”

The responses varied. Some criticized Drudge for being too soft:

Others pointed out the hypocrisy:

Drudge was, and presumably still is, a strong supporter of Trump, but their relationship hasn’t always been smooth, mostly because in Drudge’s eyes, Trump hasn’t done enough to screw up the country. CNN wrote this in July:

Over the past several weeks, Drudge’s website has covered the White House with a more critical eye, more frequently drawing attention to news not exactly flattering to the president. It displayed as a banner headline a story about Trump certifying the Iran nuclear deal, something that Trump had vehemently opposed during the campaign. It has covered stories about the investigation into Russian election meddling with increased intensity, surprising some observers with recent banners about “THE EMAIL” and how “RUSSIANS PASSED DNC DIRT DURING JR. MEET.” And, last week, the site took a direct shot at the president’s lack of progress with a banner declaring former President Barack Obama to be “LIVING EASY.” It linked to a Los Angeles Times storyheadlined, “Trump set out to uproot Obama’s legacy. So far that’s failed.”

While Drudge is more about Drudge than anything partisan, it seems as if we are reaching a tipping point. We live in an era where optics matter more than anything, and these screenshots of Trump’s media laughing after talking about a weekend of tragedy that they are at least partly complicit in, are not helping the Republican cause. Trump and the rest of the right-wing berates and bullies people who want nothing more than affordable health care. They call football players who take a knee to protest police violence against black people, “thugs.” Trump’s response to the shooting was to joke about his hair. Expecting Fox or Trump to respond with sensitivity or civility is apparently too much to ask, but it does help when they are called out by one of their own.